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  • Well I know they were try to make it ok in California to use Med marijuana went for vote haven't Hurd any thing but if you eat it it could very well inter ackt I can all so tell you if they haven't changed law pre Trans plant you will die before you get transplant so that's why it went up for vote I have asked for awnser n got no reply just saying also dr, spose to pull scrp, for rejection drugs if positive for use that's in California so other states could be same I will call cograsman again today n ask for reply on bill I don't use but I know so manny that do not sure of anything it could do for me
  • Personally i would consult my transplant team and pharmacist for medication interaction, specifically if it messes with the same liver enzymes as the rejection meds could cause level changes that might be bad.
  • When it comes to any questions about what can or can not be eaten, smoked or meds taken  always check with your tx doctors for most of these things depend on interactions with your meds and also on your blood tests. I would not hesitate asking them anything for they are there to make sure your tx lasts as long as possible. Trust your doctors. I always ask all kinds of questions when I go to my visits.

  • Hi Megan,

    My Tx center does NOT provide prescriptions nor condone the use of Medical Marijuana for it's patients.  I have no knowledge of any candidate being refused a Tx there, as some centers have for prior use.  I believe it depends on individual state laws.  As Cisco remarked......ask your Tx team.

  • You could ask your transplant team, but unless there is a good reason for it, I seriously doubt it.

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