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Those of you on Medicare have you gone with straight medicare and supplemental plan or a medicare advantage program? I am being urged by the transplant center to do straight medicare and supplemental plan F with an extra RX plan. Somehow when first discussing this with adviser they suggested a medicare advantage plan, but the transplant center said the other would be better for me, so am going with their recommendation. I am almost 16 years out from my kidney transplant, now have a damaged transplanted kidney at Stage 3 most of the time, with stage 4 popping up if my tacrolimus level goes to high, so will most likely have to go on dialysis again. I also have MDS cancer, so my medical bills are great. It makes sense money wise to go straight medicare with extra plans.  I become eligible in March, so not a lot of time for me to finalize everything.  I would love to hear all your experiences with both. Thanks.

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  • I am sorry you are having these issues and will hope and pray you improve soon.  I wasn't quite sure what a Medicare Advantage Program was like (because I have a Regular Medicare with a union funded Medigap and prescription plans,) so I went to the source.  I believe regular Medicare with a secondary insurance is better for Tx recipients


  • My experience with my mother-in-law years ago was stick with Medicare and a supplement.  My husband and sister-in-law had to get her out of the advantage plan when she became ill and place her back into Medicare with a supplement because the advantage plans are not as comprehensive with coverage as Medicare/Supplement.

  • I spent 40 years in healthcare administration billing various third parties including Medicare and Medicare Advantage.  The one biggest difference is that Medicare will allow you to go to any heathcare provider.  Medicare advantage only allows those in their network......and the networks can change.  I chose Medicare and a supplemental with a Medicare Part D plan.  As David stated, I pay no co-pays.  My advice is to shop for your Medicare supplement.  They are not all equal on price, but their benefits are all in the same category.  I chose plan F also.  In my case, I saved about $30 per month by shopping around.

  • Hey Carol , I am on medicare with a paid supplemental plan ,  My sup  plan is an AARP United health care plan , it costs me 190 $ monthly  but ... I have no doctor co - pays ..  1 yearly visit to your txplnt cntr   with all the test they run  ,  at least for me  is more to pay then  the  yearly fee of my sup: plan costs ..  plus I see a Dermatologist twice a year ,  Cardiologist once a year , PCP doc 3 times a year ,  if I don't get sick  or do something dumb to myself ..   Medicare and my sup:  donest cover the Dentist or regular eye doc's ,, but it does cover Opthomologists  ... so for me its worth having a sup plan to cover the 20% medicare dosent    ..   hope this helps

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