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Hi Buddies and Friends


I am reaching out to our members and friends this time of the year with an idea on how we can raise money for charity.  I am choosing three charities where the money will be donated.


Children's Organ Transplant Association COTA

TRIO Transplant Recipients International Organization TRIO



For every member you invite to this website that mentions in their profile question line

"Where did You hear about Transplant Friends" if they type the word "COTA" or TRIO" or "TransplantFoundation of South Florida" 

Transplant will donate $ 2.OO for every new member that joins.


You will notice the various social media icons below each message on this website.

Simply share this note on your facebook,twitter pages, through an email or best yet, call your transplant friends and buddies on the phone. 


Our membership drive for Charity starts now and will end March 30, 2013


Thank you for being a Transplant Friend,

Rise' Pine



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Email me when people reply –


  • You are welcome!

    • It seems that hardly anyone saw this message. I posted to facebook and twitter.


      • If someone out there would like to raise money for another transplant related cause please write to me.

  • Rise' - on behalf of TRIO, thank you for that support that in turn allows us to support transplant patients and families all across the country.

    - Jim Gleason

    TRIO president (and friend of Rise' and Transplant Friends

This reply was deleted.

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