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Hi! Due to some insurance issues I missed about a weeks worth of Imuran. I also take Prograf, and did not run out of that. Has anyone else missed more than one dose? Does anyone know if I will reject my kidney because of this? I know it's possible, just looking for some feedback from someone this has happened to. I've done research online and found nothing. I have consulted with my coordinator and have my medicine now, but I can't have my lab work done for another 2 weeks. Looking for any insight anyone may have.. Thanks!

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  • Thanks guys! I'm back to normal now and have all my meds. Everything seems to be fine. I appreciate it!
  • Hi Maycee:

    I missed taking my meds, including Imuran on several occasions.  This happened during the earlier years of my surgery and it still happens today.  

    I do not consult with anyone other than the nephrologist or the urologist when I have any kind of health issue, doubt or slip up that I think might and could affect my kidney no matter how miniscule. I let one of them tell me where do I go from there/refer me to another physician if s/he thinks it is necessary.

    When I missed taking a med, I take it as soon as I remember. However, I suggest you check with your specialist to find out what you should do if and when there is a slip up.

    Good luck. 

  • I get a tingling sensation around my kidney if I'm more than an hour or 2 late with my meds! This is a sign that my kidney will SELF-DESTRUCT without meds so I NEVER miss!!!

    I take Astagraf & Myfortic & I had a living donor who is a negative crossmatch. I think our antigen match is 0/6 but I was told I'd be on the SAME meds even if she was a 6/6 match but just a slightly lower dosage!

  • I believe you have already done what you should by contacting your Tx team and if your blood work comes back okay, you should be too.  This medicine builds up in the cells of your body and though the "half life" is only one day, the further metabolism does last much more.

    Imuran missed dose

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