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Tomorrow, Aug 6, is my 2-year kidney transplant anniversary! My average creatinine over the first 2 years is 0.66. Yesterday's monthly blood test yielded 0.66. As you can see in the attached graph, the dotted trend line is flat, no visible decline! Also attached is a picture of my kidney which I asked the surgeon to take before installation.

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  • Congratulations. God has perfected your mortal body

  • Nice!  And congratulations! May you have many, many more such excellent anniversaries.

    • Thank you and best wishes to you too!
  • So you're a man I assume?.66 is even low for a man with 2 healthy kidneys! Normal creatinine range for healthy men is .7 to 1.33. Men generally have a higher creatinine than women because we have more muscle mass. Did you have a living donor or cadaver? Was your Tx in India?
    • Finally, here's the link that I mentioned in my last response:

      Here's the garden powder link. In addition to what I said earlier, it is also non-GMO, a whole food, no isolates, etc. I buy the vanilla flavor raw meal and mix with water only (IMO, other flavors are yucky). After you mix, you need to drink it right away; otherwise, it gets thick quickly and you can't drink it.
    • Someone on facebook was asking if me being vegetarian has anything to do with it. Here's my response to them:

      That is one thing due to easier-to-process non-animal based protein and a generally healthier diet. However, even a vegetarian diet can be unhealthy. So you have to eat a healthy vegetarian diet. I also have not drunk anything other than water after my transplant, not even pure fruit juices. I also avoid fruit as they have a lot of sugars. I get my sugars from veggies. I also do not eat to excess. My diet is so simple and pure, free of preservatives, etc. I also avoid packaged products and avoid grains that have gluten as they tend to clog things up. I do not eat any candy, desserts, breads, etc. I always have the exact same thing for breakfast and lunch, and dinner is a plate of veggies which I eat with a spoon. Lunch is 1 cup of nuts with 1/3 of it cashews, 1/3 almonds, and 1/3 with peanuts (pure nuts, nothing added...) with tiny package (1 oz) of raisins. For breakfast, before exercising, 1 scoop of garden powder (raw, vegan, organic, gluten-free, dairy free, soy free, no added sugars, live probiotics, nothing artificial, etc). After exercising, 1 serving of oatmeal mixed with garlic powder. So breakfast and lunch exactly the same, every day! I typically drink 12-14 cups of water daily (1 cup=8oz). Exercise daily, about 40 min of mixing running and walking (intervals). I also exercise my faith in Christ and flood myself with the word of God. Plus sleep 7-8 hours a night. Plus have very good hygiene without any "vices." I think all of these combine together to produce great results. People may think I am denying myself of many things, but in reality, I am free doing all these things! I will send you the link to the garden powder. I also follow the post transplant commandments that I published right before my transplant.
      • Hi Bharat,

        Could you please let me know what medicine you were following since your transplant.  Also I am also Vegeterian, 

        Currently i am micofit-2 360 3 times daily, earlier i used to take micofit 500

        And takfa 2m plus sirova 2 mg daily earlier 3 mg daily

        and waysole.



        • Currently, I am taking 1.5 mg tacro, 500 mg Cellcept, 5 mg prednisone, and 5 mg lisinipril in the morning; and 1mg tacro and 500 mg Cellcept in the evening. Immediately after the transplant, it was much more, like 10 mg prednisone daily, 1000 mg Cellcept twice per day, 10 mg lisinipril daily, and if I remember correctly, 5 mg tacro twice per day.
      • Exercising your faith in Christ is the crowning glory

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