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Dear Tx members,

I know the myriad of emotions and concerns that can come rushing in when faced with rejection or illness, hopefully most will never experience more than a “bump” in the road in life with a Tx. A wise recipient once schooled me as he faced his uncertain future, stating “In the absence of facts, we invent our own hell,” And so it is with me, whenever a test result or mild illness invades my life.  I do not need a constant reminder about what a precious gift life is.

Allow me to offer a point to consider.  I faced my mortality and have made my peace with God and said “goodbye” to my family so often, they do not believe nor share in my anxiety when I feel ill.   I have become callous to the event of my demise myself, fully resigned to accept my fate. At age 55, I faced with a waning kidney Tx, bringing all too many thoughts to comprehend.  I had to return to hemodialysis to await my fate. The were many issues calling me to “sit back and let go,” like having lost a limb over a decade earlier (another bump I thought was the end) and so many more health issues. Though I have an autistic adult son, whom I credit with my focus to survive through all my health issues, the truth is I just loved being alive. When offered a kidney from an “@ risk” donor, I selfishly jumped at the chance, a decision I will never regret.

I pray that you will not need to face such a question, know that the world is so much better with you in it and you are needed, perhaps more than you know! I hope that if you are faced with this issue and are in need/or offered a second Tx, you will opt to accept, if for no other reason, that you enjoy life as I do and want to see what the next chapter holds.


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  • Wow!!!!

    I needed that ...Thank you. I've just been turned over to the infectious disease doctor. in NOLA.

    Here we go again.


    • It doesn't matter how we got into this or what must be endured to get well, the reward of living is well worth the effort, if even for one day.  Stay strong!

  • Wishing you well on your journey! You seem such a happy person!
    • It has been a series of trials....has anything worthwhile ever come easily?

  • Bless you Norm. You are a inspiration. Of all the events of life you have gone through you still love life, and that's because life is worth living. Life is short, being with God is for eternity. So love the life you have and make the most of every second. Because life is so precious, even when it feels so hard. There is always a up side to it. You just have to find it, it will come to you and you will be back on track and loving and appreciating everything around you.

    Live today, not in the past and think of the future. But most of all enjoy today, because today is real.
  • I lost my kidney function after many years of serious illness with PKD at the age of 36.  I did dialysis for 3.5 years and like you, it was my youngest son, 9 yrs old at the time, who I kept on keeping on for during the hard times. 

    I've had two transplants, one deceased donor in 1988 and the other one from my brother-in-law in 2002.  Each lasted for 14 years and now I'll soon be back on dialysis.  I'm 68 now and that youngest son is 41.  It's been well worth the fight.  My dilemma is whether to relist (have already, actually, with 2 hospitals, or to pass one up if it comes along.  I'm healthy otherwise and would also like to live, but I'm feeling very greedy, especially at my age, about going for a third (second one off the list) when others have so much trouble even getting their first.  I do know for sure I would only consider an "at risk" kidney, not a "perfect" one.  But, still I'm not sure what to do.

    • I would can always refuse if one becomes available.  YOU ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG!  The Tx team will only offer a Tx to those who best are suited to get one (they chose you twice!) You may be offered two "so-so" organs or accept an @ "risk" one later.  Relist to start the process.  One of dialysis's few favorable qualities is a LOT of time with your thoughts...the answer will appear to you.

      • Thank you for your encouragement, Kidney Boy.  :)  Having the option not to accept one if I'm called is the only reason that I have relisted.  On the advice of my current transplant team they suggested that it would be best for me to at least begin to accrue time while I'm thinking it over since the waiting lists are so long these days.  That made sense to me, so I went ahead at full force with the process at two hospitals and was accepted at both after all tests were completed.

        • So, if one is offered, take it.  As few as 2% of dialysis patients get a Tx, it must mean that you are needed here.  Why question fate?  In any case, I hope you stay well!

    • How did you get listed so easily for a 3rd transplant?? I had to struggle so hard just for a 2nd transplant with multiple hospitals turning me down eventhough I'm PERFECTLY healthy besides the kidney!
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