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New and bewildered

Hi everyone, I am new to this organization and to forum's in particular. Please bare with my lack of experience as I am bound to make lots of mistakes. Got very sick last August, sick  being relative, especially here and to put it simply, I am afraid, ignorant and really not sure what to do. Don't sleep much, so this aids my fatigue and my HE. ANY information regarding anything and everything  ( don't want much)  would be really appreciated. Bye. Wayne 

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  • just looked at your daughter is out in oz at airlie queensland,has to do her 3 months working on the land to get her  pass to be able to go back.will vist her about november. bill

  • hi wayne.can understand your fears and confusion.there is some excellent advice on this forum.but also as all forums there are some real idiots.will be a year for me i 2 days so i know where your from the uk so dont have the worry of paying for so blessed.from what i see in the usa you seem to have terrible problems with having to pay.that aside getting your meds sorted out is a universial prob..if you would like to privately email me would be happy to talk to you.dont know how  you do this but am sure someone will give advice.god bless you mate   bill

    • Our medical coverage is punishing me , my costs for my meds are breaking me there is help but I was told sorry but you make to much I can't work now and to watch things go is sad but I am getting my health back. I thank my savior Jesus Christ that this happened after my children have graduated from college. They are my rock they help me pay for the meds and costs going to Indianapolis it is over three hours away and I can no longer drive.

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  • Wayne,
    I am 7 months post, the months prior to transplant I spent many days on the internet looking up words, tests, anything that I did not understand. It helped me a lot to know what I was experiencing and that it was was normal for the situation. I too, had lots of fatigue and did not sleep at nights, napped during the day. One of the most important things is to follow your doctors orders.
  • Hi Wayne

    Here is an idea when you want a specific question answered, try and think of the keywords in your title that would draw more attention to your post.  If you would like, I or Kidneyboy can change your title to attract more questions. 

    How about New and Bewildered about Liver transplant.

    What has your transplant center told you about liver transplants that has not been properly addressed or that you walked away without asking questions

    On the website click on the stories- there are many liver transplant stories. We also have some liver transplant stories on this site.

    I know one thing for sure- a positive attitude really helps.

    Look up nutmeg and insomnia.  I read today that is really helps.

    Be well!

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