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Sometimes it we sleep early or whatever we may have take our meds an hour or 2 early. Maybe close to 3 hours early at the most but rarely. Even taking meds an hour or 2 early would happen at the MOST 2 or 3 times a month.

All that does is give us a little more immunosuppression once in a while which would only help our kidney or any other organ correct?

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  • So...the main purpose of us taking our meds at about the same time every day is to prevent or limit the chance we forget to take our meds.  At the beginning of my transplant I would freak out if my clinic appointments were not close to my normal time of taking the meds.  My doctors have always said to take it as close to the same time every day.  A few times a month is not going to damage the kidney.  The meds are nephrotoxins which is why we end up needing another kidney later on down the road.  :D

  • Not sure why you'd do that except to go to sleep early.  Maybe you should set your schedule to be about 8am and 8 pm?  

    In any case, no, i don't think that is all it would do.  

    If you took the next meds on-schedule then you would have a higher than normal concentration.  Depending on the med that CAN absolutely be hard on the kidneys.  I'd sure never do it on purpose.

    I have of course forgotten to take them a few times.  Usually I remember 2 or so hours later. When this happens I take my next meds at 11 1/2 hours, and continue that until I am back to the time I want and then switch back to 12 hours.  

    • No Steve, it doesn't do anything. I checked with my Tx team. Remember I said only rarely, like once or twice a month.

      Keep in mind the IV immunosuppression we got at the start is many many times more powerful than the pills & that certainly didn't hurt our kidney. You've also heard how some people forgot it they took a dose so they take another dose. Again it's almost always fine. 

      • Prograf is a known kidney killer when the trough approaches 20. Depending on you, your dose, and your personal trough level I still say taking your Meds hours early could have a consequence. But not everybody takes Prograf.

        I was told to take it every 12 hours. Not twice a day.

        Best to you.
  • most cntrs  will  give you 30  to 40 mins prior  to your normal time and same in the evening ...

     Granted we all have taken meds early  or have maybe forgot to  once in awhile  then  took them late  you get over 3 hours  you really should drop a message to your tx cntr  ....  chances are they will not do anything  ....    the  main purpose for rejection meds  is to fool your system that your txplnt  organ  is suppose to  be there   ...    easiest  way I can explain this ..   but  if you start  raising and lowering your levels   ...   not sure I want to go down that road ...   this is just my 2 cents worth  ...

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