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    Should you avoid coconut oil, milk or flour if you have Herpes or Shingles?

    Coconuts are drupes, and the coconut is the largest seed in the world.   Like all nuts and seeds, coconut has protein, fat and carbohydrates.  Coconut oil only contains fat.

    The problem with Herpes and Shingles is the protein Arginine, found in abundance  in nuts, gelatin and chocolate.  As many of us sufferers know, Lysine (on an empty stomach) helps prevent or manage with these viral outbreaks, but Arginine and Lysine counteract each other.  Too much Arginine, and you may have an outbreak.  

    If you have a tendency to Herpes outbreaks, be aware that any coconut product (except the pure fat) may bring them on.

    Lauric Acid in coconut oil is helpful as an anti-viral, so as long as it’s tolerated, it will help fight the viruses.

    Coconut milk, coconut manna concentrate and coconut flour will all aggravate Herpes and Shingles.  If you eat these high-protein foods and have herpes that are easily triggered, take a Lysine later on an empty stomach to help counter the Arginine.  (Same advice I give to those eating almonds or almond flour)."


    Since there is very little information online about Epstein Barr and diet I am linking to

    Yes there are books etc... to me the EBV virus is related to these other viruses.  the best way to know for sure is to eliminate the questionable foods

    6 Reasons to Avoid Coconut Oil, Milk or Flour
    Coconut is the perfect paleo food, right? Meat, oil, versatile! However, coconut is not ideal for everyone. Learn why not in this article.
  • Thank you for posting this link.  A very resourceful page!

    • You are welcome!!


    Read this search page

    You searched for virus almonds seeds - Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast &…
  • Most infections are bacterial this article would not apply.
    Stop shaking hands with people ..& bump fists & show praying hands to greet someone instead, get plenty of good rest, take no suppliments to boost your immune system, & do not get a flu shot ever. I am 8 years out of kidney transplant & have not had a cold in over 3 years after I made these changes in my life.
    • Mishel

      I have been battling EBV for seven years (on and off) and my diet consisted of nuts and seeds. Once I cut them out, the Ebv count goes way down and then to normal.

      There are many sources out there regarding this topic.

      I am so happy for you that you are doing well

      • How about dairy & eggs? I have read they are bad for EBV.
        • Where did you read this?  I would not be surprised if this were true.

          Everything in moderation.

          I am over 20 years post tx and take more drugs than the average tx patient because lungs seem to need them.  There are many other factors involved with each patient that determines why some pts are more prone than others.

          I will probably go back to eating small amounts of nuts and seeds in a few months as long I take lysine in the morning.

          • Of course...everyone is different &amp; some succeptable to things that others are not.<br/>
            Check out ‘The Medical Medium’ book..lots o info on EBV.
            Best ~
            • YES I have the book. Thank You

              Frankly, he says no dairy and no eggs.  I have been consuming some dairy and eggs for the past few days and feel great. I think for me, I overdid the nuts and seeds for 20 plus years and my body needs a rest.

              Because I have Cystic Fibrosis, I need a high caloric intake in order to keep weight on. Not an easy task

              I have noticed as long as I keep eating I keep my weight steady. Now I have to figure out how to spruce up my veggies to add in more calories.

              Thanks for the reminder.

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