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Can anyone tell me if my present condition in having to need a TX would lead to a diagnosis of Osteoporosis. Any info would be greatly appreciated. 

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  • Want to thank everyone for their help. Am pre liver TX,  hopefully. 

  • Hi Wayne, I concur with kidneyboy.  I developed Osteoporosis from taking Prednisone due to my kidney transplant. From time to time, I'd find myself with a fracture.  

    I've been having bone density exams annually for many years and have been taking the med, Actonel as well as a Calcium supplement (I've tried many supplements over the years) but nothing seem to slow down the progression.

    Interestingly, when my endo retired and I started to visit another specialist, she stopped the Actonel.  She suggested lots of milk, yogurt and prescribed Calcitriol.   I was surprise that my next bone density results showed slight improvement.  Somewhat freaky if I may say so.      

    What works for the goose doesn't always work for the gander.  Try/take whatever your nephrologist recommends.  

  • It's very common to have/get osteoporosis when you have kidney issues. I know that after my transplant, my bone health improved (I am not on prednisone). That said, I am still on a bone builder to maintain my bone health as it decreased due to long term diabetes (adynamic bone disease) as well as the calcium balance issues associated with slow, long term kidney failure.

    So I'm doing quite well now post transplant (15 years), but if you are on prednisone, that can affect things too. You need to talk to your docs about the best course of action. Some of the bone builder meds are not good for you if you have damaged kidneys.

  • You really should ask your doctor.  There are so many variables, it's difficult to know.  How is your diet?  Do you eat veggies and dairy?  Do you supplement with calcium and vitamin D?  Do you get weight-bearing exercise?  How old are you?  Your doc can help you figure out why you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and what you can do about it.

  • I think its very common especially if your on steroids, your body's  health leading up to need to transplant (if you were sick as a child and during puberty) or how well you eat and move if long term sickness . I have osteopenia but taking medication to help reverse (these have their own side affects) My progression was slowed with doing weight lifting and walking -- any weight bearing exercise can slow down the progression. Talk to your doctor as many medications can help slow down and sometimes reverse Osteoporosis

    • Thanks for the information, appreciate it a lot. 

  • I developed osteoporosis after my heart transplant.  They said I may have been predisposed but I had no previous symptoms.  When I started having very severe back pain.  X-rays and other tests indicated moderate to extreme compression fractures in most of my vertebrae, low bone density and a loss of 1 1/2 inches in Height.  Three year of daily Forteo injections helped to stabilize fractures and bone density.

  • Often with the use of Prednisone, bone density can suffer over time.  Long term use can cause loss of density.  Bone density scans may be part of the routine if needed to determine it's level of affect on the patient..  

    Transplant and bone density

    Bone mineral density in the long term after liver transplantation. - PubMed - NCBI
    Osteoporos Int. 2000;11(7):600-6.
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