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hello friends. just want to hear from you regarding overseas online pharmacies. I had research done on this but still very hesitant. I need to find ways for access for cheaper meds as it is really expensive here in our country, the Philippines. 1mg prograf is around US$5/cap and I'm taking 5mg a day. add to this the cellcept which is 3x/day @ US$3.68/tab. I am just an ordinary government firefighter and we are in a really tight budget to make both ends meet. medical care assistance is non-existent in this country. kindly share with me, if you have nice and safe procurement of these meds from online pharmacies in Canada and India. I read only these countries seems to be reliable. Thanks so much.

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  • Hi Louie,

    In India cost is relatively less. I spend around 110 usd a month on my Anti-rejection meds.

    As Nipun mentioned if suppliers can export you can easily take from India. There are shady suppliers but again we can help you out here to reach the right one.

    • hi naval. thanks so much for the offer as I really need it. I made contact with the distributor of Nipun and they replied that their company only cater within India. I hope you can share with me a legit pharmacy that offer medicine outside of your country. again, thanks so much.
  • You know, if you're not covered by the Gov (medicare, medicade, etc) Prograf offers a $0 Co-Pay.  It's on their website.  Has saved me $$$ the last 3 years.  Same with Myfortic.

    The price for these meds is nothing short of armed robbery.  I told my Aetna rep that once and she got huffy with me.  

    • They've changed 'armed robbery' to 'Shkreli robbery' now....

    • I'll check this out. thanks so much for the info.
  • Well first off are you covered under the U.S. territories where you might get Medicare help? Second you can get generic Prograf prescribed which is Tacrolimus and generic Cell Cept which is Aziothioprine. If indeed you need to get meds from overseas I've heard that India is a major supplier of Tacrolimus and I don't know if they produce Aziothioprine too. However be careful with India I've heard things both ways of honest companies and shady ones. If you do qualify for any Medicare help both drugs are covered for a minor co-pay under the Part B part of Medicare. Do some research and get your doctor or transplant facility to help you with finding ways to keep your transplant. The cost of the meds is not unique to your country, drug companies are thieves no matter where they peddle their products and we are a captive audience that they have by the butt.
  • Tacrolimus prices in India are capped as per the government guidelines. A 1 mg Prograf box (50 Pills) costs me 1500 INR (24 USD). I can check with my distributor if they are allowed to export.



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