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Post Kidney Transplant Creatinine Level

Hi Everybody,

For those of you that have had your transplants for awhile, I am wondering what you creatinine levels are? I was just transplanted 4 weeks ago and the lowest that mine has gotten is 1.76 and every time that they increase my prograf the creatinine goes up. The transplant clinic is saying that my creatinine needs to be below 1.5. I have asked what happens if it doesn't get there and they said that maybe it would indicate that the new kidney has an issue. I thought that 1.76 was great because my creatinine was 11.7 pre transplant. If you have had your transplant for many years do you remember what it started at and how is it now? Thanks for your input.

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  • My transplant was 10 months ago. I remember my creatinine was 0.7 for the first couple months, then it went up to 1.59. My doctors have been adjusting the dosage of Prograf and Celcept. Now I'm stable at around 1.3. Doctors tell me to keep myself hydrated, it will help the creatinine level.

  • I've had my kidney for quite sometime; however, if my memory serves me correctly, I think that after the surgery my creatinine was .6, or it may have been a slight lower.  As of today, as I pen, it is 1.3, slightly out of range. 

  • hello. so worried today. my creatinine is 2.45. last week, it was only 1.5. last month, I was confined in the hospital as my crea level reached 2.70. I had biopsy and it was rejection. here it is again. will see the nephro tonight.
    • Life with a Tx can be so easy when you do not have issues, which calls on some measure of faith to keep your from losing your "cool."  For some it is faith in a higher being, others have faith in their Tx team or surgeon.  In the absence of good news, we are left to invent our own hell.  

      The truth is, beyond staying hydrated and taking medications as prescribed, there is little else a recipient can do to effect change.  You are human and to deny your emotions would be foolhardy.  If you aware of your stress and find solace in faith, this period will be more survivable.  Perhaps be concerned more about what you can change and reject worry of those you cannot.  Worry about the latter is the ultimate waste of your valuable time.

      Allow the Tx team the option to worry about how to help you. Good luck with your appointment and I hope you return to good health soon.

      • thanks for the very comforting words. yup, we have nothing to do but pray and believe that we'll be fine. I am really happy to be in this forum, it eases our worries. once again, thank you.
  • How is Fred doing now?

  • After 18 months of my transplant, I have seen numbers as low as 0.8 up to 1.8. The fluctuation in the first six months was very common specially that I Had CMV for 3 months and Hepatitis C for another 3 months, both where luckily treated with no severe effect on my dear new kidney :). For the past year it has been steadily moving between 1.1 and 1.4 mostly settling at 1.3.
  • My first Tx had a CR  of 1.3 and went up to 1.5 and stayed there for through 11 years.  My second has been 1.5 for almost three years now.  Both were cadaver organs.  Males tend to have slightly higher CR levels.  Prograf can raise creatinine when the level is too high.  Cadaver organs can "sleep" for up to four weeks before waking to full function.  Whatever the issue have faith in the Tx team to find the answer.  Your job is to try to stay calm while everything works out.  Oh ya,  remember to breathe every now and then too.

  • Fred, did you have a living donor or cadaver? On 3/17 my kidney started out at a creatinine of 12 then in 3 days came down to 1.43! But then I got VERY scared as it went all the way 2.73 over the next 3 weeks! Then they gave me 16 hours of IV fluid in the hospital and that woke my kidney up! It's been going down ever since and now I'm at 1.33! I had a living donor too.
  • I've only had mine for 2 weeks, but I'm just so happy with the changes!  When I got to the hospital, my Creatinine had gone up to 22 which I didn't even think was possible.  My last results showed it at 0.7 !! It's crazy looking at my results now & seeing that everything's in normal range.   I'm hoping it stays like that! 

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