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Post Kidney Transplant Creatinine Level

Hi Everybody,

For those of you that have had your transplants for awhile, I am wondering what you creatinine levels are? I was just transplanted 4 weeks ago and the lowest that mine has gotten is 1.76 and every time that they increase my prograf the creatinine goes up. The transplant clinic is saying that my creatinine needs to be below 1.5. I have asked what happens if it doesn't get there and they said that maybe it would indicate that the new kidney has an issue. I thought that 1.76 was great because my creatinine was 11.7 pre transplant. If you have had your transplant for many years do you remember what it started at and how is it now? Thanks for your input.

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  • After 18 months of my transplant, I have seen numbers as low as 0.8 up to 1.8. The fluctuation in the first six months was very common specially that I Had CMV for 3 months and Hepatitis C for another 3 months, both where luckily treated with no severe effect on my dear new kidney :). For the past year it has been steadily moving between 1.1 and 1.4 mostly settling at 1.3.
  • My first Tx had a CR  of 1.3 and went up to 1.5 and stayed there for through 11 years.  My second has been 1.5 for almost three years now.  Both were cadaver organs.  Males tend to have slightly higher CR levels.  Prograf can raise creatinine when the level is too high.  Cadaver organs can "sleep" for up to four weeks before waking to full function.  Whatever the issue have faith in the Tx team to find the answer.  Your job is to try to stay calm while everything works out.  Oh ya,  remember to breathe every now and then too.

  • Fred, did you have a living donor or cadaver? On 3/17 my kidney started out at a creatinine of 12 then in 3 days came down to 1.43! But then I got VERY scared as it went all the way 2.73 over the next 3 weeks! Then they gave me 16 hours of IV fluid in the hospital and that woke my kidney up! It's been going down ever since and now I'm at 1.33! I had a living donor too.
  • I've only had mine for 2 weeks, but I'm just so happy with the changes!  When I got to the hospital, my Creatinine had gone up to 22 which I didn't even think was possible.  My last results showed it at 0.7 !! It's crazy looking at my results now & seeing that everything's in normal range.   I'm hoping it stays like that! 

  • Hi ,I had my transplant on Aug 2015 and from Nov 2015 to Feb 2016 , my creatinine was 1 .. i was taking 9 mg tacrolimus till Jan and reduced to 6 goin to gym these days and doing cardio .  last two weeks  my creatinine readings were 1.4  , 1.1, 1.3, 1.4 . i dont have any other difficulties, but now im worried abt this fluctuations. any advice plz  

    • Creatine is NOT the only tool in the box for doctors to measure kidney function. Creatinine levels fluctuate regularly and is mainly used to identify trends over days or weeks.  It is affected by so many factors (hydration, illness, medications, exertion and much more,) so it cannot be used by itself. I believe it never stays the same and a range of a few tenths is normal, as long as it does not steadily rise.

  • I had my kidney transplant on Aug 6 of last year (2014).  My creatinine was 0.66 in my last blood test earlier this week.  I take a holistic approach to taking care of my kidney with the hope that it will last a long, long time.  I really don't want to go back to dialysis!

    • What wholistic approaches do you follow? Would love to do all I can. Thank you.
    • Hi Bharat,

      That is great that your creatinine is at 0.66.....I am 3 months post kidney transplant and my creatinine level leaving the hospital was at 0.86 and now my creatinine level since my last blood test last week was at 0.96. I was just wondering what kind of food or diet you are doing to keep your creatinine really low. 

      Thank you and be well

      • Hello Juan.  I have been doing several things.  When I was in the hospital, I walked 1 mile daily.  After I was released, even though I couldn't walk straight due to the surgery, I would slowly walk 2 miles daily.  I then increased slowly over time the walking distance, and then I started running as well.  I am very consistent in my exercise - e.g. I haven't skipped a day since mid-Dec 2014 of exercise.  I think consistent exercise is one thing that is helping me.

        I also am very careful in my diet.  I stay away from preservatives, chemicals, processed things, etc.  I am a vegetarian.  I eat gluten free and also dairy free.  I also don't eat sugars - no fruits, no sodas, no sweets, nothing with added sugars, etc.  No junk food.  I only drink water - 12 cups per day where one cup is defined as 8 ounces.  I drink well water which is slightly alkaline (I have tested it with a pH strip).  Most city water, bottled water, etc. is actually acidic.  So I am aware of alkaline forming foods vs. acidic forming foods.  I strive to eat more alkaline forming foods.  I stay away from bad fats and eat good fats (e.g. nuts is a good fat).  In the morning, I have one scoop of Garden of Life Raw Meal, and one scoop in the evening as well.  Take a look at  It is raw, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, chemical/preservative free, no added sugars, etc.  Tons of nutrition in there (many sprouts, fibers, grasses, antioxidants from berries, probiotics, etc).  I also eat nuts such as almonds, peanuts, cashews, and pistachios  And veggies with spices and hot peppers.

        I also make sure I have consistency in my sleep.  I have a bedtime of 9 pm and I set my alarm for 6 am.  The key is a consistent planned sleep schedule.

        My lifestyle throughout the day is very active.  I work full-time and am active throughout the day.

        I am also careful to make sure I take my medications everyday on schedule.

        If I want to eat out once in a while, I limit it to no more than once per week.  And even then, very careful to pick healthy things (e.g. no fried things).

        With all the above, I don't get sick easily.  I also am careful to stay away from sick people.  And I wash my hands and keep hand sanitizer with me.  I always cleanse my hands after shaking someone's hands.  I use my sleeves or paper towel to open up doors.  Use my elbow to push buttons in an elevator, etc.  Very careful about germs.

        Hope this helps!  Basically, doing everything I can to stay healthy and take care of my body as well as kidney.  People might think that it is restrictive, but I think I am "free" as I feel much better than ever before with this lifestyle both physically and mentally.

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