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Prednisone and anti-anxiety meds

Do any of you feel anxiety as a result of prednisone?  If so, do you take anti-anxiety meds.  If so, do you experience sleepiness to the point where you cannot function well?

Thank you so much for any replies.  I appreciate it!!

(Please do not reply that getting off prednisone is an option.  In this particular case and for very specific reason, prednisone is non-negotiable.)

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  • I take 7.5mg prednisone daily. I am no on anti-depressants due to various personal stress factors. I am not sleeping, have an almost constant headache. but if i dont take the anti-d then i feel like crying all the time and just generally unable to cope with even getting out of bed in the morning. it sux that we have side effects and take meds for those side effects that cause other side effects - vicious damn circle if you ask me!! but going off pred is, for obvious reasons, not an option. I am tired.... all the time. the more tired I am, the less I cope the less I sleep... I wish the universe would just stop testing me beyond breaking point! Good luck to you and I hope that you get a good nights rest tonight :)

  • I take 5 mg of prednisone daily (kidney transplant) and don't know whether it causes anxiety because I was already on Venlafaxine (a generic for Effexor).  It's prescribed for depression and anxiety. I still take it and have never experienced sleepiness as a result.

  • I've been taking anti-anxiety long before my transplant and still need them at times post.On days which I do need them obviously have taken prednisone as well I do notice extreme drowsiness but I am also on 2 mg Ativan I think they are pretty strong.
  • Hi! I have taken prednisone a TON. I'm currently in the hospital and am on 80mg, but I've been on much higher doses, including solumedrol. The answer to your question is YES! Prednisone does cause anxiety/anxious or nervous feeling in me. At this point, I'm doing pretty good, but in the past I have been known to have panic attacks from this. Please bear in mind though that I'm a lung transplant patient, so I'm on other drugs that can cause these symptoms, such as bronchodilators, etc. I have taken anti anxiety in the past (ie Xanax) but this is not for me anymore because of my lung condition being so bad. Also, I have to say that that stuff is pretty strong, and I wouldn't recommend starting with it if you can try something else first that isn't as bad on the body. If you ever have to stop taking it, it can be pretty rough. I would also recommend talking to an actual psychiatrist to get medication, preferably one that works with your transplant team, not just a family doctor. That way you know you won't get anything that will conflict with your plan of care or other medications. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me!!
    • Thank you, Miriam, for taking the time to reply.  I hope that whatever it is that has landed you in the hospital is quickly resolved so that you can return home soon.

      I am on only 5 mg prednisone and have had no problems with it.  I am asking this question because I have an online acquaintance who has had a new kidney for only about a year and who has been having a lot of anxiety because of the prednisone.  He also takes only 5mg; it's the "normal" dose for a kidney tx patient but it is most certainly not making him feel "normal".

      He is stuck on prednisone, so the challenge is to find a way to deal with the anxiety.  He has been told by his tx team and by his regular neph that such meds would make him too "sleepy".  I know nothing about these sorts of meds but I know a lot of people take them, so I was just curious to know if we live in a nation of very sleepy people.

      • I too have anxiety after my transplant, and never really thought of it being due to prednisone.  I mentioned to my tx team that I had severe anxiety and they just told me not to worry about anything.  Easier said then done, and I think it would be easier to take anti-anxiety meds!

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