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The company behind this website found a buyer and now we have a new company operating this platform. I just learned about this the other day. So far, I see there are problems. I just went to respond to a post and my message is not posting. I will report this today. Just know if this happens to you- please be patient. Hopefully, you will see this message before you start posting here and post short messages until you see your message appear. There is always Transplant Buddies forum- if you want to post there. Have a great day Two hours later- I had to edit this post because I can still not post messages. The company is not in at this time, will call them at noon Spoke to a representative regarding this problem and they promised it will be fixed today. They are moving this entire platform to a new server and that will be ready before the New Year which means Posting will be much easier and hopefully no more glitches. So far this new company seems better than the previous.

Site is now fixed

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  • Wonderful update.  Thank you Rise!!

  • Thank you IS a fixed.

  • :-)

  • are you sure, just checking LOL


  • site is now fixed


    • Yay, yay, and YAY!

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