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Protein in Urine

Hi everyone, I am recently recovering from a UTI and ever since (which was just about a month ago) I have been doing a UA weekly just to make sure everything is ok. I keep track of my results through the patient portal and I have seen the Total Protein (random urine) has been increasing. I am just wondering if this is something that is common in transplant patients? My team hasn't said anything about it, I am just worried. 

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  • A good rule to live by is that if the Tx team is not worried, neither should you.  I'm glad you are okay!

  • I'm not sure what the official position of most docs is on this, but I've had protein in my urine since day 1 of my kidney transplant. It's now over 13 years old. I've never had it measured consistently, so I have no idea if it is going up or fluctuating. All I know is that I've had bubbly urine since my pre-dialysis and pre-transplant days too (since about the '80s). Megan, try not to worry. I suspect from what I've read of other kidney transplant patients, that urine protein is relatively "normal". Or at least as "normal" as we can be.

    • I have prolein in urine. I'm liver transplant. Doc says he would try an alternative to Prograf, but with high protein can't do it. My kidneys are not strong, as I was on dialysis all of 2012 . In 13 I got off machine, without kidney transplant. I would be better off without Prograf , but can't quit. Liver transplant 4 1/2 yrs, Aug 2011.
    • Thank you! I spoke with the PA and she assured me I was going to live and the kidney was ok.
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