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It's funny how the mind works, I seem to have forgotten the night I got THE CALL from the hospital with an offer of a liver. There were some risks with the liver they were offering, one of them being sexual proclivities. I was told it wasn't a high risk, but I had to be informed. I assumed my donor had an alternative lifestyle which doesn't matter one bit to me. My question is why would they feel the need to bring that up, also how did they know??Anyway, did anyone else have an organ offer that had some risks?Thank you for any and all positive input.Jacquie

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  • They have to inform recipients of anything they learn about the potential donor, since some medical issues don't always show up right away. If you accept an organ and months or years later test positive for Hep C or HIV, they would be held negligible if the didn't tell you it was a possibility.
  • Any time you receive a cadaver organ there's risks involved; you have no idea what this donor has been involved in or exposed to and it has nothing to do with prejudice or politics.

  • Thank you everyone for your replies! I was on a few FB transplant sites and waiting to see if this question popped up, but nothing yet! So I appreciate everyone's input and honesty!!
  • My donor for my second Tx kidney was considered "high risk."  There are certain viruses that can lay dormant and develop over time, so the Tx team must tell you beforehand if the medical history has any time gaps.  Because we see so many specialists, especially early on, you may not have noticed that one of them was from Infectious Disease,  who will follow you for up to a year or more, receiving blood work results looking for any markers of an issue.  I always felt, "I'm not perfect, why should my Tx be?"  Without accepting this organ, it is doubtful I would have survived to receive another "perfect" kidney.

  • I am almost 5 months post kidney transplant.  My donor was considered high risk because there was no medical history.  They tested for all the usual dread diseases, and the kidney was clear, and they continued to test me also for the first 3 months.  So far, so good!  The only time I turned down an offer (and I was back-up, not primary) was when the donor was a known IV drug user AND homosexual.  I considered that just too scary for me.

  • My first call I was asked if I wanted to take a liver that had Hepatitis B. I was hesitant but they it can been treated and no worries. So said OK and started my 6 hour drive to the hospital.
    After waiting getting to the hospital and in pre-op when told the liver was bad and other health issues were involved so I was sent home. A little over a week later I recieved my TX.
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