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Hey. I received my kidney pancreas transplant about 2 months ago. I have a few questions..... my stomach always feels like it's swollen or full even when I haven't eaten. Is that normal ? Sometimes it feels tender when I touch it. Sometimes it feels like it's stretching. Is this normal ??

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  • Ya, know, after 3 1/2 years I've come to understand that my "old normal" and my "new norman" aren't the same thing.  At just 2-months, your body is still getting over the trauma of the surgery.   You'll get to your new normal soon.  But it won't feel like soon enough!

  • Don't know about kidneys, but I can tell you about livers.  My new liver was smaller than the hole it went into.  So for a few weeks, I could feel that rascal sort of move around.  

    Maybe kidneys need some extra room and you insides have to stretch out till it fits?

    • Also had liver transplant in 2012. My son was living donor. I tell you recovery from kidney transplant a lot easier than liver.
  • Laying in bed last night and stomach was very swollen. Within half hour it was down. Don't understand this.
  • I also had kidney transplant 2 months ago and am experiencing same and sometimes a pinching. Will discuss this with my doctor tomorrow.
  • Yeah that could be it bc the docs told me I could eat and enjoy myself just stay away from processed food and fast food. Being diabetic for over 20 yrs and now being able to eat things maybe I'm over doing it.
  • What kind of foods are you eating? It is probably too many grains or perhaps this is a surgical question for your transplant team.

    Hope this helps

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