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This is off topic, but someone said they sent me a friends request and I had never noticed the request and message icons at the top of page. Does anyone know how to retrieve the friend requests. I am so in need of friends right now it's not funny and BG a friend that is rowing the same boat I am would be a huge blessing. Also has anyone changed their profile I for if they joined pre TX and are now post TX?Any help muchly appreciated Jacquie

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  • OK, I read the new instructs page and I still can't open the friend requests,mso I'm going to go with what works for me. If you want to be my friend here's my email:
    Talk to you soon.
  • Hi Jacque  - I have send a request to you earlier.  I resend a request now. I had also a liver tx in April 2015. I am enjoying great health now after some initial setbacks.

    • Hi Willie, I believe we've been in contact before, it was with you or your wife, not quite sure. I think it was my firsts posts before my transplant. You have an amazing story and I really enjoyed hearing all about your journey.
      I'm not sure how to do the friend requests thing, I read the instruction pages but I'm stillness lie less, so if you want to get in touch with me...
      Talk to you soon.
  • Hello Jacque- I will be your friend. I need a friend also. I just moved from Calif. to Oregon. I update my profile every couple of months. I had a double lung transplant 6/28/2016.
    • HI Luanne, You are the sweetest! This site helped me before during and now after my liver transplant. I'm at my 6 month post trans. And I need. Friends that can understand what I'm going through, I've already been in contact with one amazing lady who has inspired me in so many ways.
      I think having the support of fellow transplant survivors is the exact thing we all could benefit. So anytime, anyone who wants to contact me
      Looking forward to H from you soon.
  • Well, now. How are YOU!

    Missed your phone call the other day.  I'll give you a ring back Friday or Saturday when I have a minute to sit down.  Hope you're doing well and better each day.

    Be WELL!


    • Hey Steve, I know I fell off the earth for awhile. I found before my transplant that I couldn't talk about anything without it triggering terror inside me. I would just freak out thinking about the what ifs, so I became recluse for awhile, just family and asked them to not talk about it. It helped, I calmed down and after my 3 rd standby disappointment and being the primary twice and left disappointed, third time was my charm! I was one month from being hospitalized until transplant. Now I'm at 6 months recovering nicely and in need of human contact again. You were so kind to me before, and you really tried to get in, and thank you so much for your efforts, it meant a lot, more than you can imagine but I just couldn't talk about. Forgive me?
      You have my digits, call when you can. I can't wait to hear how you're doing and what's been going on.
  • I created a new page called instructions which will make this very easy.

    All Articles - Instructions
    Our social network provides online support for pre and post transplant recipients and their families.
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