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I have to move on to another sunscreen, as the one I used to like (and was recommended by my dermatologist) is not being made any more. So what brands and spf's do you folks use? And who did you get the recommendation from? Was it your tx center, your dermo doc, or someone else?

Thanks for your input. We've had a ton of rain but once it clears, I'll be doing a bit more stuff in the yard.

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  • Neutragena on the face and neck.  Almost always wear long pants and sleeves, so not much if ever on arms and legs.  Wear gloves at work when outside and since I'm an office geek I don't need them often.

    In short:  I pretty stay under a rock!

    Now, I do drive and get some sun exposure so I wear light shooting gloves  then.

    Alwasy SPF 50 or greater.

    I have to wonder though:  Is it the new sun or last 50+ years of lots of sun and no sun screen that will cause skin cancer?

    • Steve ...      its the now sun we get ...  I played  baseball /softball for 35 years ,  Fished as much as I could , rafting  kayaking boating for better part of 45 years ,  all those years never used anything  ....   now   its golfing  fishing { almost daily }  boating   ...  since txplnt  sun block spf  45  water babies   is what I use now  ...  I catch  hell from my dermatologist  every 6 months  for being tanned ...   but after full body scan  she seems to calm down a bit  knowing I am using Sunblock  ....  Our rejection  meds  are the reason  for the no sun / high levels of Sun Block   ...   but I am sure you know this ...

  • I find that Turtle wax  is awesome ....   lol  ...   actually I use water babies  spf  45

  • When I asked the transplant Dermatologist, he said any "known" brand that is 45spf or higher was OK with him. I have since used Coppertone mostly, but have used others when cheaper. Can't see any difference and have had only one skin cancer after almost 10 years. I believe that one was started prior to transplant when I was less prudent about sun screen.

    • I was told to use anything with high amounts of zinc in it..& that some sunblocks are not effective otherwise.
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