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Swimming after surgery!

Hello all, I don’t know if I could ask this here. I am a trained swimmer. I have undergone kidney transplant surgery 2 months before. Doctor advised me to take rest (no swimming) for 3 months. My husband had already built a backyard pool for me from one of the pool builders in Toronto. But it is unused now. Has anyone here been in such a situation? When could I restart my swimming? Is it really safe to continue swimming after 3 months? Please do reply with genuine suggestions.


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  • I was told no swimming for the first year but generally not a good idea. Public pools. I do some snorkeling & all good coming up on 24 mo.
  • I would ask your transplant team. I started doing water aerobics 4 months post kidney transplant at my local gym. My transplant team is fine with this activity. 

  • The team told you not to, but didn't explain why??  Early on you are taking high dose immunosuppressant medicine, which makes you very vulnerable to infection and disease.  Bacteria and viruses are all around you, in the air, water, and on surfaces.  In another month or so, your doses may start lowering and your body's immune ability will strengthen enough to handle minor exposure.  As always discuss your wishes with your Tx team, who knows you best, for their guidance

  • I had kidney transplant many years ago. I didn't swim at all since tx because I don't want to put my face and mouth under the water to avoid infection. I just started elementary backstroke swimming six month ago. The face and mouth are always keep above the water surface. I was a trained swimmer when I was young through college. I found out its the best exercise for me now.

    Talk to your doctors before any exercises. They are always very helpful and surportive.

    Take care.
  • Hey Josefina ,  I think we all have had restrictions on swimming post tnsplnt ,   not that swimming  isn't good for us , because it is , I belive your team is just trying to get you to the stable point ,  Keep in mind the trama your body has gone through , granted your doing every thing possible to get on with your life,,   but our immune systems are not 100 % and will not be again , I swim but I limit myself to my home pool and a friends pool , only because I know the Bacteria levels are safe for me , for me once I got to 8 months out I started swimming again  hope this helps some ..

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