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Teeths Deep Clearning - Antibiotic Drug


I am going to tooth deep cleaning as required for my gums. My Nephrologist and Periodontist have told me take amoxicilline 500 mg 4 tablets 1 hour before of treatment. That means my total single time dose will be 2000 MG.  The reason they said is,  Antibiotic will prevent the kidney and other orgrans from bacteria. 

have/had you faced similar situations and what were the antibiotics taken ?


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  • I've read that poor dental hygene is a contributor to heart inflamation and attack.  Guess the germs get into the blood stream if you have very nasty teeth.   So, why not take an antibiotic with teeth cleaning just to be on the safe side?

  • Hi I had my kidney transplant at Mayo Minnesota in December 2016, my doctors said antibiotics should not be necessary when you visit the dentist.  its to the dentist and your discretion.

  • They are correct! I take 2000mg of Amoxicillin every time I go to the dentist, and if I forget they remember for me giving it to me before doing the procedure.
  • Hello. I used to do that but I was told they stopped it now. I have my teeth cleaned every three months was advised to by my renal Doctor.
  • I have done cleaning in 2 slots. All went well.  No issues.

  • I used to take Clindamycin but after my 2nd transplant 3 years ago the Transplant team at John's Hopkins told me that they do not recommend taking antibiotics for periodontal cleanings anymore.  They do recommend it for oral surgery though.

  • I have to take a similar dose as well before dental procedures. Best of wishes to you.

    Warm regards,

  • As Kidneyboy stated; however, I am allergic to penicillin.  I am given clindamycin 600 mg.  For me, this is for every dental procedure - cleaning, fillings, xrays, etc.

  • Thanks All.

  • Yes. Always 2000 my of amoxcillian. Do it
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