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Because today marks the tenth anniversary of my multivisceral transplant in which I got a new spleen, liver, pancreas, stomach, small and large intestine, I want to:

T: Thank

E: Every

N: Name

T: That

E: Encouraged

N: Now!!

This forum here has been an integral part of my journey since my transplant, and I feel this is a good day to express my gratitude to everyone here. For me:

T: Transplants

R: Recall

A: And

N: Name

S: Special

P: People

L: Loving

A: Another's

N: Needs

T: Thoroughly.

This refers not only to the donor and donor family, but also to those people who have helped to make the transplant a lasting success after the surgery. I would not have done as well as I have if I did not have the support of others. This forum is a great reminder too of people coming together to help each other. I am so happy to reach this milestone of ten years and to be able to share it with you. If it had not been for the transplant, I would have died and came close. Thank  you for all that you have done to help make my journey possible. I still have problems, as my gastroparesis did come back and I still struggle with a low weight, but the opportunity to be alive and to share my moments with others is too valuable to be taken for granted. I feel any fights I have are worth it. This forum has helped to keep hope alive in me because it helps to remind me why I am here: to reach out to and help others. May all have a blessed day. Many, many hugs are being sent to you through these words I write.


Warm regards,


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  • Congrats to you on ten years! Looking forward to you making ten more!

  • Awesome I'm so happy to hear of your anniversary my two year for liver is. Coming up I am feeling blessed and thank full I have not much saport were I live I look hear a bit don't really know how to use or share so sick n now alive have some things still dibetic now n some things I think about that others would never know Bless you Mark Shear
  • Hey there Bobbiejo. I missed this yesterday (I was in transit coming home from Disneyworld!!!). I love this forum too and the people here. I don't always post that often, but to see the kindness and support always makes my day.

    May you have many more successful anniversaries!

  • Congratulations Bobbiejoe!  May you continue to improve and enjoy life!

  • Congratulations Bobbiejo , to make it successful for ten years and many many more years to come !

    As you said this forum helped you a lot, it helps us the new transplantees, that if we take good care it can last long.

    Happy Anniversary !

  • Happy Anniversary Bobbiejo!

    WOW! Ten YEARS!!

    I feel so blessed to know you and many of us have grown to LOVE YOU!!

    You have shared and taught us so much. Your love for life transcends!

    You are very Precious to us!

    LOVE always!


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