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Tissue Donation

Sometimes defect reducing surgeries need to transplant tissues.Here is the Tissue Donation Guideline.

The person’s death is confirmed.

The person’s consent status is checked registry.

  • The family will have the option to donate organs and tissues as part of end-of-life care and is notified of the consent status.

If the family needs other information or wishes to donate, a healthcare provider will call a donation professional to talk to them.

If the family wishes to donate, a donation professional will get consent and ask about the person’s social history and medical history.

The tissue program(s) will review the medical records of the person who died. They will decide if the donor can donate tissue.

The donor is taken to the operating room for tissue recovery. Corneas may be recovered in the operating room, at the bedside, or in the morgue.

The tissues are processed and stored for future use.

The donor is released to a funeral home that the family chooses.

Check this for more information on  Plastic,Vascular&Reconstructive surgery

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