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Transplant Scholarships?

I am in college in Wisconsin. Does anyone know of any scholarships that are designated for transplant recipients?

I volunteer, I am a very good student so I know I could get some scholarships that don't have to do with transplantation, but I think it would still narrow the field a bit. Haha!

I have looked around the internet, but all I have found are scholarships for high school students, scholarships for transplant recipients who are "TRIO" members, and scholarships for transplant recipients on the east coast. :) Maybe I'm asking for too much, but if anyone knows of anything, I would love to hear from you!! 


Katie :)

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  • Look at the college website that you are planning to attend. Sometimes they have scholarships for receipents, donor family members, Ect.
    The college my daughter is attending has one for donor family members though someone who was a donor. Did not apply to us, since I am a recipent.
    Good luck in college!
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