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I am nearly 8 years out from a double lung transplant. I want to go to the UK for longer than a month and was wondering what is the best way to get prescription medications? Would there be a way for me to get longer scripts from my doctor? Or maybe somehow get a doctor over there? Or have them mailed from home? Any ideas or knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

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  • I never use a local pharmacy for my medications. I always use  my insurance's mail order pharmacy, which always sends all my medications to my house, and for 90 day prescriptions. If your insurance doesn't have a mail order pharmacy, then try to find one that carries your type of insurance. There are several to choose from, just google, mail order pharmacy's, but first check with your med insurance to see if they have their own. I love getting medications for up to 90 days, they are cheaper, and don't have the hassle of having to renew every 30 days, or driving to your local pharmacy. Always allow up to ten days before renewing any medication, due to the timing of when the medication arrive's in the mailbox at your house. 

  • My prescriptions are for 90 days. Can you get new Rx for 90 day suppies ?

  • I get 100 day supplies of everything and just take what I need when traveling.  We've been all over the place with tx meds and peritoneal dialysis equipment with no problems.

  • I have asked this exact same question as I have family in the UK and have wanted to visit for longer than a month.  I get all my tx meds via my tx center's mail order pharmacy, and they will not mail them to an address outside of the US. 

    The problem isn't with the docs, rather, it is with your insurance.  Call them and ask them if they would authorize a one time dispensation for a three month script instead of a one month script.

    While I get my tx meds via my tx center because I like the fact that my tx neph can make a change in dosage and that change gets immediately sent to their pharmacy, I get my other meds through my insurance company's mail order pharmacy.  For those meds, I have a three month script.  Since my tx meds are not sent to me via my ins. co.'s pharmacy, my insurance company penalizes me by refusing to pay for a three month script.  So, they have forced me to make a choice; either I remain with my tx center's mail order pharmacy and enjoy the close relationship between the pharmacist and my tx team but lose the ability to have a three month script, or I move to my insurance co's mail order pharmacy and gain the ability to have those three month scripts but lose the flexibility I get with having my tx meds and tx team all working in concert.

    These are complicated meds, so I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with getting them from a doc over there.  How would you pay for them?  I don't think the NHS would pay for them.

    Long story short, ask your insurance company.

  • Hi Cassandra,

    If you are not already having your prescriptions filled by mail order, you should.  In addition to lower costs, you can get three month supplies, which can be forwarded to a temporary address if needed.  You should check your insurance's Part D coverage for more details.  Your Tx center must have a Specialty Pharmacy rep, who can help you set things up.  Bon Voyage!

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