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  • After my liver TX:  7 to 9 days.  Don't recall exqclty. 

    Why do you ask?

    Regarding your meds.  Keep an adequte quantity for your trip plus 1-week on your person.  Or have meds in 2 different places so no single "event" leaves you without.  Or have an iron clad plan for getting more if they are lost, stolen, or destroyed.

    My PCP gave me a script for a Z-pack.  Good to have if you start an infection away from home and the TX center.  I only take it if I spike a 102F fever and I'm away from home.  Has happened once in 3-years.  Glad I had it.  Best to get on infections fast.  

    • I'm looking at spending 2+ months in a different country and wondering what others have done. 

      • Wow!  Long stay.  Hope it's for fun!

        I think same guidelines apply.  Always check with your team and let them know about the travel.  They may have some suggestions.  Before you go, I'd work thru your emergency plan, such as where is the doc and hospital you would go to if you have a problem?

  • I spent 3 weeks on safari in Africa - my doctors were a little nervous but I had a great time and absolutely no problems!  I could not have the yellow fever vaccine so had to get a letter from the doctor which worked fine.  

  • For me  its  usually  a few weeks at a time ,,  I visit with friends at their  summer camp  ... if your planning  a trip  a great distance away from your txplnt center  you might want to look at where your going  to see where the nearest txplnt center is where you will be traveling  ..  let your center know  in case of blood draws  ...   if your leaving the USA   I would really  inform  your center  ... if your  outside the USA  .. I would also inform your center  and check  with your medical insurance  or coverage   to see if your  covered  if   some thing  goes wrong  ... but other wise I  love getting away from home ..   Hope  this helps some ...

  • am planning to go to soutu africa. its been just over a yr since liver tx.feel i will be up to it.woul value any advice on long haul fllights post  tx thanks bill

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