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ulcer after transplant

anybody here develop ulcer after transplant? if ever there is, how you doctor react to it.. did he reduce the number of medications? pain is really excruciating. I'm on omeperazole twice a day and mucosta twice day.. I think it's the myfortic since it's acid based.

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  • Hi Louie,

    It can happen.  Treatment will vary by patient and test results.

    Gastrointestinal Complications of Transplant Immunosuppression

    NCBI article

    • thanks so much kidney boy for the reading. it clears up my mind. I think I have to discuss these options cited in the article with my physician.. im happy I found this site. whenever I'm down and sad, I read the comments here and those encouraging words lifted my spirit. kidney transplant is not a walk in the park. so many obstacles, so many challenges along the way that seems to break our being. people simply say it's just ok.. they just don't know how we feel and how hard it is when almost every week you are rushed to the hospital for complications. let us keep on cheering up each other. big thanks to the people in these forum who walk the same old rugged road I'm in to. cheers...
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