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Urgent question regarding meds

I'm in Florida 6 weeks post kidney transplant ... with this hurricane we have been without power! Got up early this morning to take my meds and have breakfast ! I just realized right now at noon that I never tookThem !!Do I take it now and wait twelve hours for the next dose of prograf ?? Please help I'm freaking out !!

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  • I've done the exact same thing. It was noon when I realized I missed my meds. I was in tears. I was told to take them right then and stay on my regular schedule that evening. Once was ok and shouldn't cause a problem. It didn't. That was 7 years ago.
  • Hi Vivian

    The general rule on missed meds is to take the missed dose if it is within 4 hours of the normal time, after 8 hours, wait for the next dose.  Do check with your Tx team as they become available.  These meds tend to stay in your system for a while and you should be fine (I'd be freaking out more with the hurricane!)

  • Can you call your tx team and ask? If you are not able to get through, then I think you can take it now and then take rest of the doses at 11.30 hrs gap until you reach your normal meds time. 

  • If you can get in touch with your transplant team for advice, that is what I would do. Hope you are safe.
    • Thank you for your responses, I'm ok!
      Hurricane was a huge scare, no power for the last 40 Hours but we are alive and good ! I was so glad I was off dialysis for this one !
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