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Hi All,Does anyone have experience with taking a PPI medication for reflux while on Tacrolimus ? I have been dealing with a wild cough for about 1 month. The recent conclusion has been that cough and mucous is the result of gastric reflux and post- nasal drip. The treatment is to treat reflux aggressively with both an acid reducer (Pepcid or Zantac) and a PPI- I was ordered Prilosec. I took the Prilosec x 3 days and noticed tremors in my hands. I immediately suspected my Tacrolimus level was elevated. I looked up Prilosec and spoke to a pharmacist. Prilosec is listed as having "moderate" effect on Tacrolimus.I stopped the med and emailed my transplant team to question if there is any PPI I can take. The response I received surprises me. I was told I can use any PPI including the Prilosec . I had a Tacro level done a few days ago and it was 10.2 (usually around 6.4). Tacro dose has been lowered. I plan to use Protonex instead of Prilosec as this is not listed with any warnings if taken with Tacrolimus. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.Thank youRenee

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  • I was on Nexium for awhile for my acid reflux, and I did not notice a difference in my Prograf with it, but then it may be that I was on a PPI before my transplant and right after. I have had some other digestive problems more recently, and the Nexium stopped helping as much because I did not seem to be absorbing it as well. I have done better by switching to a liquid form or ranitidine, the generic of Zantac which is an H-2 blocker. I recently had a 24 hour pH monitoring test which showed I had non-acid reflux, meaning that the ranitidine must be controlling my acid well. I was put on baclofen to treat the non-acid reflux caused by a too often relaxing lower esophageal sphincter. I hope that you can find a solution which will work well for you and not affect your Prograf.

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  • I take Prograf, Myfortic, and 40 mg or Protonix every day.  I have had no problems.  I tried to stop taking the Protonix for about 2 days.  Got right back on it!

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