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Vaccinations after kidney transplant

I have completed 13 months kidney transplant.  As routine, my primary doctor suggested for important vaccinations : Pneumonia, Flue shot, Tetanus, Hepatitis B.  

I have taken first 3 last week as required after discussing with my transplant team.  Do you have similar experience ? Does they harm or give side effect ?



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  • I am 6 + years post double lung

    Each year I get flu shot , every 5 years pneumonia , 5 years tetanus

    Live virus such as shingles and others am not permitted

    May be different protocol for kidneys

    Ask your pharmacist they generally very versed in vaccinations for transplant recipients
  • Thanks all,  It has been more than 10 days and no side effect or feeling.  I too informed by Nurse that, I will be getting only Inactive Virus shots only.  It is good that they are more aware than us :).

  • I've also had numerous vaccinations post tx. I was also warned "NO LIVE VIRUSES". For this reason, no shingles vaccine (not for me, or my hubby).

    • Your husband can just cannot have any contact for 3 weeks cannot use same glasses dishes silverware eclectic

      Wife got her's in 2014, and now issues at all as a result. We used paper plates plastic forks etc and plastic glasses

      Kinda like camping. lol
      • No intimate contact for 6 weeks is what we were told, and that was a bit of a sticking point for both of us.

  • I have had all but Hepatitis B.  That was not suggested by my team.  No adverse effects.  Been having them as requested since 2008.

  • I was told to take only "dead virus" vacinnations.  Those have not caused many any problems.

  • Hi Manoj,

    I have been administered all of these vaccinations without any after effects whatsoever. Most vaccines do not contain active viruses or at worst, severely weakened strains which activate our suppressed immune system enough to ward off the intended target, without triggering an attack on our Tx organs.  Remember, our immune systems are suppressed, not eliminated!

  • I have all kinds of vaccinations. So far, there is no problem.
  • Hi,

    I have completed 14 months. My TX team have not asked me anything like this.  But i am gonna ask them for vaccinations. May be after wards i can provide some inputs.

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