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I am calling my Transplant team tomorrow but I am just curious if anyone knows if Valium is safe for post transplant patients? I have a dental procedure coming up that I am anxious about. 

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  • I take Valium regularly - it is prescribed by my transplant team.

  • Between two consecutive transplants totaling 27 years I've taken Valium on and off to help me sleep at nights all that time and I've never had a problem with it.  My doctor is the one who prescribes it for me.

  • I took it with no problems when I had a knee replacement.

    Best wishes!

  • While on the one hand I' ve never taken oral Valium, I've been given it through iv when I've had endoscopies. At one point, I had to have a dilation about every 3 weeks. So every 3 weeks for about 8 months, I got a big dose of valium (enough to knock me senseless on the table for the procedure and about 1/2 hour after) and had no side effects. But, as always, check with your team and pharmacist to make sure it's all ok for you.

  • Ask your Transplant Team about it.

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