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Hello all lovely people ,I am 9m post tx . I was feeling all well until recently since I have started having aches and pains again . I do have chest pain a lot now a days which streches to my hands too . I feel my heart starts pounding really fast suddenly sometimes . This feeling makes me a lot scared now a days . My headaches are coming bk again some days . Just cannot understand whats goin on ?Did anyone of you went through all this anytime ?Thank you ,A Basin

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  • I think that cardiologist is the first person you should see.  If that proves there are no issues, you may check for anxiety.  I know that it can cause rapid heart rate and tightness in the chest.  I have had that on occasion and my doctor order a very mild anti-anxiety med that helps when that happens.

  • If you feel your heart beat is odd, I would suggest seeing a cardiologist.  You might be experiencing AFIB, and that is a dangerous condition.   It might be being triggered by some of your drugs.   AFIB can cause a clot to form in your heart and if the clot goes to your brain you have a stroke.   See a doctor and get checked out for this.

  • I have neck and back pain that lasts pretty much all day long. It started about one year after transplant. I don't know if it is from the medications or something else.

  • Hello again .
    Thank you Sardines and Mr jha for your replies .. I am going to see my doctor again this week to discuss these issues . . I wish you both a verry happy n prosperous christmas and new year ahead .
    Enjoy with family and friends.

  • mate - i started having chest pains -- had a stress test/ecgs and all was good- once you rule out anything serious you can usually put it down to side effects of drugs and stress/anxiety - I suspect you are now super sensitive to any weird feelings--- when it hits you have an anxiety attack that causes the heart pounding and reinforces the pain --- have a talk to your transplant team and ask if worth doing a stress test to rule out any serious issues - unfortunately mental issues in my experience are not dealt with in transplant recipients - Maybe have some counselling to deal with the stress of TX in everyday life.

  • Hello Mr. Basin,

    Chest pain and radiating towards your hands and all could be you acidity but that is just an indication, anything in detail can be investigated by dr.

    Pulsating thing and headache has good relation with your blood pressure, you better get that checked. Nothing to get worried that will aggregate your issue rather than settling down.

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