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Veggie trays

I'm a heart transplant patient of 9 months. I soak all my fruit and vegetables in a 50/50/ lemon juice-water mix for 30 minutes before eating. Does anyone have an opinion or information on prepared veggie trays from a store? I assume they are washed but not cleaned with lemon-water mix. Cut carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, cut beans. Any thoughts?

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  • any veg or cant go wrong.just the pomergrante and seville oranges/ you cant go wrong with mother naturues goods .just wash them bill

  • Consider the possible ways you can be exposed to bacteria/viruses, which can start trouble.

    • Ingestion - Fruits and vegetables may seem safer than meats but are from the earth, which contains Staph spores and other contaminants, no matter where they are grown. These should be eliminated as much as possible through washing and peeling or blanching.
    • Inhalation - includes human contact, hand to mouth contact with surfaces, airborne contaminates and more.

    We can't live in a bubble but should try to limit bad sources as much as possible.  With that in mind, prepare your foods accordingly, as this is within your control along with taking your medication and following doctors orders. Cooked foods are safer than raw.  It is a careful balance and tipping  the scale needlessly is not a good habit to keep.

  • hey  Kevin  ... only assume their washed if you wash them ...

  • I just rinse everything (veggies and fruit) under the faucet to get any germs etc. off.   That's what my TX team said to do.  

    I would "think" that a prepared tray would be ready to eat.  But I could not say for sure.

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