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Very Low White blood cells (WBC)


I am 3 months post Kidney Tx and last week my WBC's count came out very low (1.2). My doctor immediately stopped Valcyte and reduced Myfortic dose to 360mg a day from 1080mg a day. Today I had repeat lab after 5 days and my count is still very low (1.5), especially my Neutrophils count (0.36). So, my doctor sent me to see a Hematologist, who recommended a shot of Neulasta. I am worried about the side-effects of this shot which I read can be excruciating bone pain. I am confused if I should go for the shot or not or wait for WBC to increase slowly (which my doctor told will since from today he suggested to stop taking myfortic for a week). 

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  • Any suggestions or feedback for the Neulasta injection?

    • Sorry Rushi. I was having some problems posting.

      I had very low WBCs (due to a CMV infection - have you been tested?). I was on neulasta and had no problems. While pain is listed as one of the side effects, and it does happen, listed side effects are not a guarantee.

      There's no point in being worried or scared about something that hasn't happened yet. If you have severe pain (and for some, the pain is nothing worse than a muscle ache grade pain) then you simply stop the neulasta and the pain will go away. Simple.

      While there's no harm in waiting for a bit, there are also inherent dangers in very low WBCs - you could catch something that requires a lot more intervention than a simple neulasta shot.

      So, if things don't improve in short order, give it a try. If it doesn't help, or if the pain is too bad, stop the drug and the pain will go away.

      • Thanks Cora for your guidance. This is really helpful. They did test CMV and it came out "undetectable", which is great. I have taken appointment for the shot on Monday. I also have labs today. Hopefully all is good. 

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