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Vitamin C and healing?

When I went to my PCP today and told him about the trouble I am having with an incision not healing as it should, he suggested that I take 250mg of vitamin C twice a day because he said he has seen in it helpful in nursing homes when patients are trying to heal. I am not going to take any until I talk with my other doctors and get their approval, but I was wondering if anyone had been told of this effect of vitamin C in improving healing or had had his or her own doctor recommend it? Can vitamin C interact with Prograf, tacrolimus? I will be seeing my nutritionist on Monday and will talk about this then. I was just wondering if there is anything that I should know that might be helpful for that discussion. Thank you for any response. Best of wishes for good health to all.

Warm regards,

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  • Thank you all for the responses. I talked to my nutritionist today who knows my whole situation better than my PCP, and he said that I should not take a supplement of vitamin C. He said I get enough from my tube feeding formula and that taking too much could be a problem because I do have stage 3 chronic kidney disease. I did not know that too much vitamin C could be a problem for those with kidney problems, so I am glad that I talked with this doctor.

    When I said that my PCP had recommended Juven, a protein powder, that my insurance would not cover, the nutritionist was so sweet to go out of his way to ensure that I got enough Juven to last me almost a week. I will start this tonight or tomorrow and will probably put it in through the j-tube part of the gj-tube I have as my stomach could not handle all the fluid in which the powder is to be dissolved because of gastroparesis and reflux. Juven has l-arginine, l-glutamine, and a metabolite of leucine in it. I hope this will be helpful in getting my incision to finish healing.

    When the doctors looked at my incision today, I got the impression that the incision is mostly healed, but it cannot seem to make the leap over the last hurdle for whatever reason. It has been about the same for a long time. The stitches were put in on July 13 and have not been able to be taken out yet.

    The nutritionist also mentioned that from my last labs, my iron was low so he is going to be putting me on iron sulfate three times a day. My copper is also somewhat low, but I am taking zinc, so that could be the cause. I will be taking zinc daily one month and then skip the next and so on. Then he will recheck my copper level when I see him in January. He also tested my iron and copper today. If the copper is much lower than before, then he may put me on copper sulfate, but not for now.

    I hope I can have good news for the surgeon when I see him next week. I wish all the best of health and plenty of reasons to smile and hope.

    Warm regards,


    • Sounds like you got the best advice. Even though we have had a transplant we are all so different.

      Your Positive energy is quite contagious!

      Sending you lots of healing thoughts!

  • No vitamin c is necessary, it will not affect your prograf levels.I been taking it for four years after my heart transplant per transplant Dr I take 500 mg a day in the morning. Plus it is good for are immune system
  • I take 1000 mg of vitamin c 2x daily because of reaccuring UTI's and I have not had a problem since nor does it interfere with prograf.
  • I believe that vitamin supplementation is very important for those patients who have trouble with digesting their foods like with CF patients. I take many supplements and my health is great.  Be careful when choosing a vitamin c supplement. Be careful and read ingredients. Some supplements contain added ingredients that will not be good for us.

    I am buying a product from Pure Encapsulations Buffered C because this company does not unhealthy fillers.

  • Hi Bobbiejo,

    Recently, I had a femoral bypass which entailed two limb long incisions to facilitate the harvested vessels.  The vascular surgeon prescribed Vitamin A to aid in healing.  Sometimes I think  they make up stories about healing, but I followed their instructions.  Who's to say what is or isn't good for you with so many varying opinions?


    • I appreciate you sharing. I am sure it can be difficult to make these decisions as what may help one person may not help another for reasons that might or might not be very obvious. There is still so much to be learned about how the human body works. I want to be open to options though as long as they are not too risky and are approved by my doctors. I need to have this incision heal so that I can have a gastric stimulator put back in since it would help greatly with my digestive problems. I hope that you have recovered and healed well from your bypass. I appreciate your experience. May you have a blessed weekend ahead. Hugs.

      Warm regards,


  • I had taken vit C for a long time - it's helpful with a lot fo things. I was told by my tx team that there's no problem taking it. I found it made me feel better with my diabetes (less tired) as it can have an effect regarding blood sugars and insulin. I stopped taking it for a while last year (complicated story) and I've had a few other health issues so I've started taking it again. The only interaction that I know of is that it can interfere with warfarin, but if you take a steady dose of the C, the warfarin can be adjusted accordingly.

    I wonder if it's the reason I've healed so well on numerous surgeries despite the fact that I was on rapamune? I have a gorgeous scar down my leg from a bypass - healed incredibly well. Maybe the 1 g per day I was taking at the time helped?

    I'm hoping that it will help me with some of my current issues. I'll keep you posted.

    • Dear Cora,

      I am glad that you have found vitamin C helpful and hope that it may be so again for you. It would be wonderful if it could help me because I am not sure what else I can do to get this incision to heal properly as I have been on antibiotics and am on some again (just in case there is an infection not obviously seen) and I actually have gained a little bit of weight recently by doing my tube feedings for a longer time which would mean my nutrition has been a little bit better. However, I will discuss this matter with my doctors first. I will keep you in my prayers and wish you better health and new sources for hope. Many hugs.

      Warm regards,

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