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  • I have slowly built up my Vitamin D intake. I am now taking in total of 5000 IU daily. I also take Cod Liver oil.  Since my vitamin A is very low I can take Cod Liver oil. Most people need to avoid Cod Liver oil.

  • I usually take 2 - 3K via drops. But I am currently having problems with my PTH (parathyroid hormone) so I'm being prescribed calcitriol (some sort of fancy prescription D along with some other stuff). It's being called in as I type. I'll keep you posted on how my PTH does with this dose on MWF in addition to my regular drops.

  • I take 1 tablet of Vitamin D3 2000 iu in the morning. feel fine. 

  • Hi Rise, i took vitD (Sunny-D) Capsule, 20,000 IU at night on 2 Sep.
    Felt nothing next 2 days, on third and fourth day i felt sluggish and somewhat flu like symptoms. Today i am feeling great again.
    • Are you still taking the same dose

      Thank you so much for sharing

      • Sorry for the extremely late reply. I have been busy getting normal life back again. The doctor has told me to take it once a month starting from november. He said i could take the daily prescription too, but it will be harder for me.
  • I just take a multi-vitamin and never really pay any attention the amount. But most vitamins are listed as 100% daily allowance. I've never really noticed an effect even if I skip the vitamin for a few days.
  • I take one tablet 2,000 mg of Vitamin D3 every morning.
  • I'm just taking 200 IUs twice a day. That with the sunshine I get should do it. You don't really need to get that much sun to get enough vitamin D. Of course I always use a high number lotion to keep from burning.

  • Yes, salmon is packed with vitamin D, but at the risk of being impolite, what is it with pills? I mean, salmon pills? Ok, if you're vegetarian, I can understand, but why not eat some salmon? Am I missing something here, but I notice a LOT of Americans seem to substitute pills for the real thing!



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