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Where were you when you got the call?

Out of curiosity, for those of you who have received your transplant already, do you remember where you were when you got the call? What was your score on the list? What emotions passed through your head?I got the call while I was at home getting ready for church. My mom came in to tell me that there was a liver ready and we needed to leave immediately. It was a terrifying, exciting experience. I was only a score of 25 at the time. For my second liver that I received 6 days later I was a status 1A and I was in ICU close to death. I don't remember any emotions at that point because my brain was foggy.

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  • I was in a hospital bed.  I'd been there about 4-hoiurs.  Doc came into the room at about 10pm, and says they have an "offer" for me.  I had to ask what was an "offer" and how much would it cost.  She cocked her head and tried to figure it out. Then it hit I did not know she was talking about a liver!  Well, I had to think on it a minute, 'cause I really did NOT want a transplant and I felt just fine.  But the docs said I needed it so accpted it.  

    6-hours later I was in surgery.  

    • Wow!! I am the same way. I had a preemptive transplant, thankfully. The doctors kept telling me that I was really sick, but I didn't feel it at all. I didn't truly believe that I needed a transplant. However, after my first one my surgeon said he was very glad they took it out when they did because it looked really bad... yet no symptoms!!! We are blessed not to have had the horrible symptoms.

    • Steve,

       So glad you got your liver.  That was a stunning way to find out you needed a transplant.  You certainly had to make a quick decision on the spot.  Good for you!


  • Wow! Where was I? Where I spent about 10 years of my life in and out of, the HOSPITAL! Lol.
    My Surgeon was a wonderful man! He told me the day after my transplant, "I don't know how you made it this far"? "Your liver literally disentagrated in my hand"! I knew however! MY God, according to HIS riches in Glory, shall supply ALL my needs! After waiting 10 long years either, laying in my bed or, laying in the Hospital, I finally got my liver. I was "dying" in a hospital bed in Indianapolis, In. The Dr. on call came in my room that morning and told me they were sending me home. "There was nothing more THEY could do".
    I fell asleep so sick, afraid, angry with God, worried about my 19 year old Special Needs Son. I woke up at 4:00 pm with my coordinator gently shaking me asking me, "Is there anything I can do"? I just shook my head no. THEN she said: "how about if I tell you we have a liver for you"? Can you imagine what was going through my mind? HIS TIMING! My God according to HIS riches! The coordinator told me I would have to wait to see that everything "Perfectly" matched up. At 12 midnight March 13, 2010, I got my liver .........
    • Love your story, Richelle. What an amazing testimony! I can't imagine what 10 years waiting would be like. May God continue to bless you!!
  • I was at a Church Function called small groups (bible study) when my first call came,I was only the backup in case the other Hospital denied the liver. It was very emotional with close friends and prayers. I was called 2 hours later and told that I would not get this one. I went to bed and 1:30am the tx surgeon called and said I have your liver. That was 11-20-13, my 3 year anniversary is next month. I feel blessed everyday.
    • I hear you. Everyday is seriously a gift. I wish other people who haven't undergone life threatening circumstances would understand that!!
  • Who would not remember that moment! Status 1A for a heart transplant. Three hour drive to Stanford. Got the call at dinner time. Missed a great meal of scallops, but it was so worth it. All the way down on the drive I was calling friends telling them where I was headed. Totally excited and ready. Really positive outlook going in. It was my time. Three years in November!
    • I was status 1A for my second liver. So scary, but I'm happy it all worked out for you!
  • Sitting in my truck in shopping mall parking lot. Last cold front of season was greeting us. Light sleet but headed north 150 miles. Ten miles from hospital I hit the guard rail. Told officer scheduled for transplant in morning. Sent to other hospital to have head checked. On way to transplant hospital got another call on cell. Bad news, doner liver had cirrhosis. Stayed the night anyway. Next morning called car rental since truck was totaled. Ready to leave. Nurse stopped me. Said, hay, you can't leave. We got another liver. Wow!

    Emotional rollercoaster. Get call, total truck, go to hospital, get call bad liver, go to hospital. Ready to go. Stay and see. Transplant next morning. Wife and sister came next day. God is good. He never sleeps!

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