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Working out and Turning 21

Okay so I have 2 things to ask about in this,

1) I have 5 almost 4 months until I turn 21 and I am going to try to get in shape bc I have gained a little bit of  weight in the last few months and thankfully if I work for it I can easily get were I want to be but I heard someone say that right there in the area of the scar is dead muscle but I just need to know if I can get the muscle to tighten and get a flat stomach if I work for it??? if it possible??

2) since I will be turning 21 soon I as like many other people am going to drink so is it going to affect any medicines?? because I do want to have fun and party sincei will be legal.

please anyone let me know on both things.

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  • As always talk to your TX team before doing any specific exercises or going on any specific diets.  I did weights, martial arts and walking and got pretty toned after transplant..Doctors just said to avoid contact sports or situations where you could get a kick or punch in the kidney as not protected..I did have troubles doing sit ups as it hurt my transplant area but any other core exercises were fine -- so yeah, you can get a flat stomach.-- Also with steroids they can wreck your tendons so any exercise that helps keep them strong go for it -- I would talk to TX team if your doing any major stretching gymnastic stuff though but especially as you get older   

    I would be careful of drinking and talk to your transplant team of how to enjoy and celebrate your youth without putting too much strain on your organ. At that age friends knew i didnt drink and most  didnt care and i still have fun :)   

  • The muscle is  not "dead".  Just cut.  You may find sit-ups to be challenging.  Go slow.

    My scars are still there.  And I have bulge I did not have before.  Never going away.  Otherwise I'm the best looking guy on this forum!

  • Hi Sami,

    I am sure you will be able to reach your goal as many have reported post Tx.  As with any major surgery, it may take some time to recover and function normally.  

    As for becoming "legal," if you ask your Tx team, you won't find any encouragement there.  It is up to you, what "rules" you chose to follow or ignore.  I know this is an important birthday for you and a rite of passage, sort of. Having one cocktail will not cause any major disruption to your Tx (as Neal stated, a few hours away from taking meds,) but you should ask yourself, do you really want to go through this all again and deal with the anguish of knowing it is brought about by your own actions?  I hope you have a wonderful birthday and you should party and celebrate to the max, just limit the alcohol, one has nothing to do with the other. Welcome to adulthood.

  • You can have a few drinks but don't get drunk or anything. And you should finish about an hour before you take your meds.

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