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Zortress to prograf

I was on prograf 5 years ago acquired lymphoma. I have been in remission for 5 years now. transplant team took me off of prograf and put me on zortress. When I was on prograf I was taking 5 milligrams in the morning and 5 milligrams at night now that I'm on zortress they have me on is 0.5 milligrams in the morning and 0.5 milligrams at night. Having some bad side effects from zortress to include acne and bad facial breakouts. Also other side effects are swelling in my feet and ankles and cramping hands. And my cholesterol level has elevated since I've been on zortress. So now it's a quality-of-life issue. I have opted to go back on prograf to try to get rid of some of these side effects. Anybody have any input?

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  • I believe that after the Prograf going to different medication, you cant switch back to Prograf, but you should ask your doctors about it.
  • I was having bad bone pain from long term use of prednisone. I currently Take 5 milligrams a day of prednisone. My transplant team put me on 500 milligrams of magnesium a day, and it really helped with the bone pain
    • Peter, how long have you been on Prednisone?? And was it always that dosage?  Just wondering.. .I have been on Pred for 25 years.

      • 22 yrs or so. I have been on a couple of prednisone packs for various issues. But as for prednisone for my kidney the initially started me on a high dosage and stair stepped me to a final dosage of 5 MG once a day
  • My creatinine levels been between 1.6 and 1.9 and I am a 15-year kidney transplant recipient
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