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This is off topic, but someone said they sent me a friends request and I had never noticed the request and message icons at the top of page. Does anyone know how to retrieve the friend requests. I am so in need of friends right now it's not funny…

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9 Replies · Reply by Willie Potgieter Sep 30

forgetting the meds

So i am a heart transplant recipient for 9 and a half years and i have constantly and repeatedly, but not consecutively, forgotten to take my pills, but today was different. because i had forgotten that i actually took my last night dosage, as…

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12 Replies · Reply by Pati Sep 28

Donor family letter.

Hi all, I hope you all are doing well! I'm 4 1/2 months post transplant and feeling great health wise, still haven't gotten my energy level back, but I'm pushing myself a bit more now that my liver and I are getting along so well!I'm writing in…

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13 Replies · Reply by Nancy Faith Sep 27

Hair loss

I have been having a lot of hair loss-started 3 months after kidney transplant. (I am 5 months now) Currently taking tacrolimus extended release 5mg.Does anyone have any positive news on future or does this continue?Thanks for any & all inputJane

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8 Replies · Reply by Nancy Faith Sep 27

Fasting !!

Hello Everyone,Hope you all are fine . I am 18m post tx . I just wanted to know if anyone has ever fasted after tx . In our culture there is one day in whole year in which we fast for whole day n eat or drink only after we see Moon . I know after tx…

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2 Replies · Reply by Anu Basin Sep 26

Transplant and sport

Hi, hope everyone's fine :)1 year last month and everything's okay. I want to know what kind of sport I can or cannot do .... My team told me to walk and avoid too much effort... but I read on the internet that many people with kidney tx run, swim,…

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7 Replies · Reply by Nancy Faith Sep 26

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