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  • Hi I'm new here. <br />
    Had my transplant march 2016. Now I have notice gfr is declining. Doc said not to worry but now my creatine has elevated. Has anyone expieeenced this. I'm worried about rejection.
    • What did your creatine elevate to?
  • can any one suggest that at the time of discarge my creat level is 1.1 and after 5 days it is 1.5 i really got tensed the dr said its a quite it ?? any one having experience on it...plz help
  • Hello my name is Tammy , my husband ( and best friend / soulmate ) is on home dialysis nightly , and we have had our fourth kidney/ pancreas transplant false alarm ..this one took 17 hours of preparation in hospital from the " call" the night before be sent home again .. I really wanted to hear from other people in similar situations .. because we are a very happy couple .. and we try and make the best of what we have been dealt .. .. and we have the most incredible medical care and family and friends , but feel isolated outside our "kidney based world ".... in everyday life , would be fantastic to hear from anybody who understands etc ,
    warm wishes
    Tammy ( the dialysis diva ) xx
  • Does anyone take cbd oil?
  • Tomorrow, Aug 6, is my 2-year kidney transplant anniversary! My average creatinine over the first 2 years is 0.66. As you can see in the attached graph, the dotted trend line is flat, no visible decline! :-)

    • Great news. My father had 3 donor Kidneys in my lifetime. His levels stayed regular for 11y with 1st kindeny and 18y with the second. Even if it spiked there are easy ways to reglatt your creatine
  • Hello everyone,
    I get a lot of urine infections despite being really careful. Can anyone suggest something I can take to reduce the infections. GP says can't take cranberry as it interferes with anti rejection meds, thanks Kathy
    • Kathy my dr never told me that I couldn't have cranberry juice. I drink it all the time. I know GRAPEFRUIT JUICE IS A NO NO!! Unless you're on a different rejection medication
    • I know grapes interfere not sure if cranberry dose.  

      I have taken cranberry after Kidney Tx.  Had a UTI for 9 months. tried many things. Some green tea's helped.

      They finally gave me some powder to take. That helped. Don't remember the name. I took & still take juice. I  mean fresh veg + fruit juice. either homemade or from Jamba juice. It really helped & still does. I try to take it at least 2 times a week even today. Have my own juicer. Ginger celery should help. Do ask the doc about this. Mine was ok with me taking this. 

      Also, look into flaxseed. It's not related to UTI directly but helps digestion triglyceride in general. 

      Hope this helps

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