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  • I am 20 Mt's out 11/5/2015 was my transplant date my son Ryan was 22 years old at the time he donated me (mom) a kidney we are both doing great the only thing is I have had a weight gain since the transplant any suggestions what would be a good way to loose a little weight
  • I have another question about my girl, Jamie again Has anyone had their white blood cells run low? Jamies were very low in June, and she even started running a 103 fever. She was admitted to the hospital and spent 5 days there. They gave her IV antibiotics twice a day 2 times per day. They adjusted her immune suppression drugs. Then the white blood cells went back down. Fever was only like for a day. Any way she got labs today, and they dropped a little again So now she's off cellcept again and her prednisone has been increased Has anyone experienced this? I'm worried about how being off one of the immune suppression drugs will affect her new kidney.
    Thanks........I know I worry a lot!!!!
  • myself parvinder i am 2 years 4 months post transplant. i am taking prednisone (5 mg ) ( once a day) , mmf ( 360 mg , thrice a day) , sirolimus/rapammune (1mg , once a day) , atorvastatin ( once a day), nifidipine, arkamin, losartan. i am enjoying my life after kidney transplant only problem i am facing is elevated liver enzymes ast, alt, ggtp due to drugs ( i am hcv , hbv negative). my docs are not helping me i am really concerned about elevated liver enzymes..
    • Are you speaking of your Tx team doctors?  What are your "docs" saying about this issue? You will probably repeat your labs, consider the possibility that the result were not accurate and the need for fear and worry unfounded.  Beyond taking meds and staying hydrated, there is little one can do, even if an issue is starting.  Try to remain calm and work with your Tx team, asking many questions to be confident in your plan of care.  Let us hope this was a momentary aberration. 

  • My Loving Allah enabled me to complete 14 years after kidney transplant. Almost I am  free of any problem . I am worried somewhat about being obese. Can any body guide me about which exercises I can do for weight loss.  I am taking cyclosporine 50 mg B.D and 5 mg prednislone. 

    Transplant proved to be a great blessing for me. I cannot understand why our government has banned on kidney donation to an unrelated person, whereas government do not have itself any program for renal failure patients. 

    • I am the same way about weight gain I would like suggestions on what can help loose some weight
  • I am 8 months post transplant. I lost a lot of my hair and sometimes my mood goes up and down. My Dr. suggested that i change from Advagraf (Prograf) to Sirolimus. My creatinine, BP are Ok. Has anybody experienced changing from Advagraf to Sirolimus. Did you have any side effects? Thank you.
  • My 20 year old daughter had a kidney transplant through the paired exchange a little over 3 months ago. She's been doing well. Had a creatinine spike 3 weeks after the transplant, she was given IV fluids over night and it went back down. Last week she spent 5 days in the hospital because she had a 103 fever which went down quite easily in about a day. They put her on IV antibiotics and gave her shots to boost her white blood cells that had been low prior to the fever. She also had a kidney ultrasound that was fine We left the hospital with her white blood cells and creatinine great. Now 4 days later she went for labs and her creative spiked up from 1.1 to 1.49. They want her to go for another kidney ultrasound and more labs the day after tomorrow. My question is, how freaked out should I be ? She's been down at the beach with a friend and her family for the past 2 days. She says it's not that hot, and she's been drinking enough. I don't know what to think.
  • I received kidney transplant 4yrs back. Last month my creatinine started increasing from 1.1 it went upto 1.7 I was put on wysolon and Mucicane and creatinine is back to I started developing swelling in my legs I am on cilacar 20mg and concor 2.5mg bp uric acid is also 7.2.
    I am.worried as there is swelling in my legs it dissapears at night.
    • My kidneys were damaged while I was waiting for a liver transplant. My creative level was at a 2.3 for a few weeks. I was hospitalized due to incredible swelling in my legs and feet, they treated me carefully with Bumex and compression socks, I gained 70 lbs in fluid and it was all in my feet and legs a paracentisis was done and there was very little fluid in my abdomen so it wasn't completed. It took a month and a half to get the swelling and weight down. It was starting to happen again I was blessed with liver transplant.
      So maybe you can ask about diaretics and compression socks during the day.
      I hope I have helped a little.
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