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  • Does anyone knows a family/primary doctor? Looking for a primary doctor that has experience with transplant patients. Anyone on this board from the Chicago area? I don't really what to risk going to a doctor without experience and have to worry about something affecting my new kindness.
  • Hello!!   I received a kidney transplant 9 months ago and all has been fairly stable.  My two side effects post transplant were becoming diabetic (yes, I'm on tacrolimus - feeling nervous about trying the switch to cyclosporine)  and the second is recurring eye vessel bursts in my left eye which NEVER happened prior to transplant.   Every couple of weeks I feel pressure in my eye and, sure enough, within seconds, its blood red.   Eye doctor says it's not an issue but I just think it's weird that it started happening so frequently after transplant.    Has anyone had this happen to them??  Also, for those of you who decided to switch from Tacrolimus to Cyclosporine, how was it for you??    Thanks ahead of time!!    

  • Hi all<br/>
    I HV my tx on 27th October 2016. Now I am taking pangraf 1 in the morning and 0.5 in night and omnacortil lab report is creat 0.9 and urea 25. I m feeling grt now and want to live a long and healthy life with this kidney.frnds pls pray for me and for all.
  • Hi m Jiwanjot, last year on 28th July 2016 , I underwent kidney transplant. Currently , m taking prograf 2.5 mg morning and 2 mg evening, cellcept 500mg 2 tab BD , wysolone 5 mg, amlong. 5 mg BD , mini press 2.5 mg morning 5 mg evening for BP. After kidney transplant , we want Family planning , but my sperm count decreased. Any body have experienced this . Plz share. And suggest me. M just 28 male and married for 2.5 year only.
  • hi, I am jessie plaza of davao city Philippines, 39 yo, I underwent my kidney transplant opn last may 5, 2016, but now still I took 6caps of prograf a day, my traco level is 3.8 but my laboratory results are question is what do we do to increase my tacro level? GOD BLESS US ALL
  • Hi. Hope everyone is doing wonderful today I'm feeling really tired it been 6 months since my transplant and I been doing wonderful but for some reason I feel really tired and a little bit fatigue might be medications side effect because my health is great hopefully will get better. God bless every single one in the forum
    • Hi. I'm feeling the exact same way today. And my levels are GREAT including blood pressure. 127/89
  • My PTH is high, two of my parathyroids have been removed but it stil is in the range of 500. Is there a way of lowering the PTH without going through surgery again? I have been prescribed bone one last week. Are there any foods or herbs that might help?
    •  I had three of four parathyroids removed, while on dialysis.  High PTH post renal Tx is not uncommon. Treatment is much like being on dialysis with the addition of Calcium based "binders' to lower phosphorus levels in the bloodstream.  Similar diet restrictions (less dairy, avoiding high phosphorus foods) may help ease this issue's impact.  There are medications (Renvela, Phoslo,...) that can be prescribed, though you might include calcium based antacids with meals, which are much less expensive, to determine if this has any effect.  I added links below to investigate the issue.  I hope you find relief soon.

      High PTH post Tx

      Calcimimetrics to reduce PTH

      Reducing PTH post Tx (NIH)

      Low Phosphorus Food List

  • I am 28 yr old. I get kidney transplant 3 months ago. Starting dose of Tacrograf was 5 mg per day and Tac level was 10. Now my Tac level reduces every week, last month it comes 4.8 where as target was 10-15 for six months. Doctor increase Tacrograf dose 7.5 mg per day although last week it came 5.8. I have no diarrhea. Can any buddy tell, what will be the cause?
    My creatinine increase from 1.0 to 1.32 last week.
    Creatinine increase 0.02 every week. I have acute rejection 1 month ago and successfuly treated with methyle prednisole injection.
    My HLA matching is 4/6.
    I have not taken induction at the time of transplant. I have taken ATG on 3 rd day of transplant due to acute graft dysfunction (Acute tubular necrosis) . My mother donated kidney to me.
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