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  • My PTH is high, two of my parathyroids have been removed but it stil is in the range of 500. Is there a way of lowering the PTH without going through surgery again? I have been prescribed bone one last week. Are there any foods or herbs that might help?
    •  I had three of four parathyroids removed, while on dialysis.  High PTH post renal Tx is not uncommon. Treatment is much like being on dialysis with the addition of Calcium based "binders' to lower phosphorus levels in the bloodstream.  Similar diet restrictions (less dairy, avoiding high phosphorus foods) may help ease this issue's impact.  There are medications (Renvela, Phoslo,...) that can be prescribed, though you might include calcium based antacids with meals, which are much less expensive, to determine if this has any effect.  I added links below to investigate the issue.  I hope you find relief soon.

      High PTH post Tx

      Calcimimetrics to reduce PTH

      Reducing PTH post Tx (NIH)

      Low Phosphorus Food List

  • I am 28 yr old. I get kidney transplant 3 months ago. Starting dose of Tacrograf was 5 mg per day and Tac level was 10. Now my Tac level reduces every week, last month it comes 4.8 where as target was 10-15 for six months. Doctor increase Tacrograf dose 7.5 mg per day although last week it came 5.8. I have no diarrhea. Can any buddy tell, what will be the cause?
    My creatinine increase from 1.0 to 1.32 last week.
    Creatinine increase 0.02 every week. I have acute rejection 1 month ago and successfuly treated with methyle prednisole injection.
    My HLA matching is 4/6.
    I have not taken induction at the time of transplant. I have taken ATG on 3 rd day of transplant due to acute graft dysfunction (Acute tubular necrosis) . My mother donated kidney to me.
    • Hello Gautam,

      Everyone metabolizes Tacrograf (Tacrolimus) at different rates.  As a recipient, all you can do is to take your meds on time and avoid certain foods (Grapefruit, Tamarind, & Pomegranate) because these interfere with the rate of absorption.  I would ask, how much water/fluid are you drinking?  This issue is one for your Tx team to resolve, which I am sure they will.  Try to stay calm as they do.

  • I'm 43 years old and was on Dialysis for 9 years. Actually Feb. 7 2008. I received my kidney on Feb 8 2017. I'M ok but my right leg is swollen as well as my feet. They have me on water pills to decrease swelling which I just started yesterday . Anyone had a swelling problem?
    • Congratulations on your TX. I received my kidney on Jan 22. 2017. My right leg was very swollen to the point I did not recognize it. However, they removed my stint and I begin to flow much easier. The swelling decreased and at this time just minimal swelling. It sounds like you got yours around the time I got mine The fluids should be dissolving into the body as time goes on. My kidney had a incision that just leaked constantly until about a week ago.  After it healed, the swelling began to decrease. I say give it a little more time. My doctors did not put me on any diuretics because that is tough on the Kidneys...

    • If new kidney is placed on right side (artery of right Leg) then you should go for CT scan to identify blockage in artery. My friend have same problem and he treated successfuly by placing Stent in artery where kidney is placed.
  • I am doing well since the transplant on 8 of December, 2015. But my concerns is my dosage of seegraf that is a bit high. Am using 2mg in the morning 3mg at night. My Doctor is in BLK super hospital, new dehli India. While am in Nigeria. My tac level is 4.3 and creatinine 0.9 hope am not doing bad. But my concern is I want the dosage reduce more because of cash to buy the medicines from India every 3 months.
  • Thank you for accepting me,I had a urologist damage my ureter when trying to take out a kidney stone January of 2012 and while doing so the doctor damaged my ureter so bad then left me to think I wanted more pain meds and maybe had female problems!well after a whole month in awful pain I went to see another urologist he ordered a CT with contrast and called me himself at night and told me that I had ureathrul obstruction and my kidney was3x the size, when the doctor got in there for surgery the next morning he realized not only did the other day about getting the kids ready my ureter so bad he pulled every trick in the book just to get the Stent in,which are very painful! After it was time to take the stems out a day later I was feeling pain again and my kidneys blew up again I have three or four different stents put in waples said the only thing to do to save my kidney [was to remove it from my back and do an auto kidney transplant with my own kidney,so I didn't need meds because my body wouldn't reject my own kidney problems now is right next to that transplanted kidney is my left ovary the only thing separating them is scar tissue every month I ovulate the egg doesn't really release and I have excruciating pain! Because of this negligent Dr I've had 30 surgeries and procedures and it's taken a told on my body!my quality of life is horrible I'm a CNA and have been since HS-IM Gona bring 37 and I feel useless!I am.a Wife to my high school sweetheart we have 2 boys mikey is 18 matty is 10 and my pain and surgeries have taken a toll on my whole family! If any one knows of a Dr in Wisconsin <br/>
    OR near by that would Take this.left ovary off my kidney. Please contact me!I have so much more to this story buy it's getting to late good night everyone!!
  • I m taking .25mg certican bd
    Delta cortril 5 mg
    Transplant 3 yrs ago.... very low medicine its ok for me?
    1.5 yrs ago acute rejection successfully treated
    Now my creatinine 1.3
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