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  • Hello everyone. My transplant was done in 2/2017. It has been a rocky road since. Creatinine is at 2.2. 4th biopsy this Wednesday. Recent blood work shows rejection but wanting to see what biopsy shows. My coordinator says may use plasmaphesis if I'm saying that right. Anyone have success with this as a treatment for rejection?
  • My wife is kidney transplant patient done 04 years .She has thorat pain doctor advice to take amoxycillin 500 with 1 25mg clavulanic combination any experience can share is any problem for kidney transfer patient.
    • Hi Aslam - I have taken this antibiotic without issue a few times.  Also known as Augmentin, it is a safe and effective penicillin based  medicine. The issues with it and transplants stem mostly from frequent or longer term use and gastrointestinal problems.   Please have your spouse follow the dosing instructions report any side effects.


  • Hi I am a new member. My transplant was 1 year and 10 months ago. I'm having some stomach issues with my cellcept with constant diarrhea and weight loss. Has anyone had the same symptoms from CellCept?
    • Hi Bo. I had issues immediately with cellcept. They changed me to myphortic and it is better. My diarrhea comes and goes but nothing like when I was on cellcept. Let them know I'm sure they may lower your dose or change your meds
    • This is a common side effect of cellcept and if you just started it, it might have disappeared as you body gets used to it.  For you, I would talk with your team to see if you can switch to another drug or at least lower your dose to lessen the symptoms.

  • Hi .new member here..had transplant 10 weeks ago..just curious about any small women that got donor from man..I'm like not quite 5 ft tall n weigh bout 115...still having throbbing my brother's kidney was 13 cm..I think it's big..just wondering how long it takes before I feel better
    • Early on, you can feel things getting "acquainted", because connective tissue and structural fat hasn't grown to support the new kidney.  You should simply ask the Tx team for their opinion on this issue, that's what they are there for.

      • Thank you kidney boy..makes sense.. appreciate your thoughts !!
  • I am 20 Mt's out 11/5/2015 was my transplant date my son Ryan was 22 years old at the time he donated me (mom) a kidney we are both doing great the only thing is I have had a weight gain since the transplant any suggestions what would be a good way to loose a little weight
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