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  • I was wondering I am post liver transplant of 2 and half years if it would be ok to take apple cider vinegar for losing weight I have tried everything and nothing has helped. I have to lose weight because I am also on stage 4 kidney disease. Please help me
  • So this question has to do with donor genes. What exactly does this mean? Does this mean if a tx is pregnant, can her baby have some genes from donor? In other word is there a possibility of gene mixing?
  • I had a liver transplant Aug. 9 2016 due to acute liver failure, my new liver is great , but my kidneys are not recovering so fast ANY GOOD advice? I was told to eat plenty of fruits and veggies plus smaller portions of protein and hydrate all day. I was advice not to drink anything but water until the kidneys recover. They were fine before my meald score skyrocketed from 17 to 37 with in 2 months. Than my kidneys took the brunt while I waited for the transplant which actually came pretty fast, thank God... but I was told because of prograf which is 5mg morning and night. It takes its Toll on the kidneys, others are doing better than me with kidney recovery.
    • Hi Janice,
      I had a liver transplant 2 years ago and had many complications post surgery. They found that Tacrolimus (the chemical name for Prograf) was working well but I was still getting rejection. They changed me over to Advagraf (still Tacrolimus, so the same guidelines, but taken once in the morning instead of twice a day). This had such a drastic change on my recovery, but, as I'm sure you know, it is different for each person and each transplant, so it may be a good idea to chat with your doctors about a possible switch. I was also taken off the steroidal anti-rejection meds but I got put back on them and have stayed on them now. Have you had any chances in meds that may correlate with your dip in health?
      I hope this helps and wish you the best in the New Year.
      Take care.
  • Hey Lung transplants

    I just passed five years.  Lots of issues over time.

    I recently reduced my prograf from six a day down to two a day.  Much better muscle growth/control.  To the folks concerned with EBV:  I never thought about it until last year when a tumor was discovered in my lung.  It was removed and found to be from EBV.  We cannot deal well with virus and currently am issue free.


  • Hi all.

    I know that we are supposed to be careful about being around others who have had live virus shots (flu shots, others...). But I've heard differing ideas about exactly what that means. I've even heard slightly different things from each of the three transplant docs who see me periodically.

    For example, stay away from the person for 10 days, or 2 weeks, etc.. I've heard it's ok to be around the person, but just avoid touching or being too close; then I've heard that you should just stay away altogether for a period of time.

    Our new baby granddaughter had live virus vaccinations 3 days ago, and I'm trying to decide if I should just totally stay away, or if it would be okay to see her but not get too close to her or hold her, etc.



    • Hi. The flu shot I get here (Canada) are not live vaccine so they are ok. I was told not to take live vaccines as in the case with sick people is better to avoid them for your health. Usually I follow the 3 day rule, not contagious after 3 days. I don't know if that's the truth. I spoke to my family doctor and he said after 24 hrs following a flu you are not contagious.
    • Hi Alcat, I am 3 months shy of 2 years post bilateral lung tx. I was told to pretty much keep my distance from sick people, Wear a mask and use hand sanitizer, better safe then sorry. I get a flu shot every year per my tx doctors, I haven't ever been told to stay away from people after flu or pneumonia shots.
  • Hi ALL,

    I had my kidney transplant 6 weeks backs and my creatinine is as of today is 1.1  . But i got little swelling on my leg and in ultra sound it was shwoing that there are some blood clots have been formed and doctors had advised to use some injections and tablets WARF-5 for blood thinners.

    in PT INR test it was showing result as 1.21 .

    Can anyone tell how long with this medications it will take to reduce the swelling on legs.

    my doctor had told me it may take 3 months ..but 3 months just  to reduce swelling and blood clots is too much time i think.



  • Hi All,

    I had done my transplant 5 weeks back and had IGANephropathy and post transplant I take cellcept  1g and prograf 3mg twice a day . my creatinine as of today is 1.5 . Protineuria is NIL .RBC 3.8 and HB is 11.5 and WBC 15000.

    I used to take pomegranate fruit once in a day. is Pomegranate have interaction with cellcept ot prograff ? should I stop taking pomegranate fruit?



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