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  • I had my liver transplant 12 1/2 years ago. 2004 mothers day

  • Well everyone, the call finally came... Or, should I say the 6th call finally came. I got my new Liver September 27, 2015! It has been a long 6 year wait, but now it is done and everything is doing really well! I got out of the hospital in 8 days, and was allowed to come home. I go back to Stanford twice a week for labs and to see the doctors from the TX team and now have been switched back to my old Heptologist to continue my care. I am just over a month since my transplant, so I think I'm doing pretty well! Still have some discomfort in my shoulder and back, some muscle spasms and adhesions, but on the whole, it is a whole new journey. I want to thank all of you for your encouragement and support! I couldn't have done it without you!
  • I started Harvoni and Ribivirin Monday the 1st. So far the side effects are minimal. Nothing like the poison Interferon. My transplant coordinator at the VA said the Hep-C seems to be cleared in the first month and the other two are to make sure it does not come back. I hope she is right. 12 weeks total for my treatment. Liver transplant October 1999.
    • I have 1 more day on my harvonie. 12 week treatment hep c gone from system had liver transplant 2010 good luck nausea was worst and itching
  • My doctor is recommending harvoni. BUT I failed on boceprevir 3 years ago and on sovaldi 9 months ago and I was wondering if I built up residence to protease inhibitors because of that. Had liver transplant 9 months ago and want this hep c gone.
  • Has anyone tried Harvoni the newest hep c drug. I have 4 days left of 12 week treatment. I am clear right now dr says big test is 6 months after treatment complete if u are clear at that point u should stay clear. Anyone have any feedback? Or if anyone has any concerns give me a shout. Steve
    • Hey Steve - Couple of years ago took the Sovaldi treatment and it failed. Last year I started Harvoni and finished in Jan 2016. I was clear at 6 moths and clear 4 weeks ago ( at the time of my transplant ).

      Hope this helped.

  • My name is Andrew Zelinsky I have Hep-c I got my liver transplant in March 2010. Tomorrow I have to get a bone density test and an ultrasound so the doctors can decide if they can treat my Hep-C if had it for around 40 years hopefully they can do this I did the inferon about 10 years ago but they stopped it it wasn't working thanks for listening ttyl
    • Hey Andrew! It worked! Glad you figured it out.
      Interferon didn't work for me either, tried it twice. Transplanted a year ago and started sovaldi in October, with a low amount of Ribaviran. My platelets, Hemoblobin ect all took a dive but still excellent Alt and AST so far. Viral load was almost non existent do we're hoping this did the trick, I have genotype 3 and thus s the bugger that needs 24 weeks if treatment...dirty little suckers! I'll get them yet! Every single cell, positive thinking all the way!!!
    • Hey Andrew good luck same as u got liver tsplnt. 6 months ago hep c cirrhosis cancer. All better now did interferon 14 yrs ago didn't work. 4 days left on Harvoni 12 week hep c treatment. I am totaly clear of hep c have been since week 4. I probably hade it 40 years. Look into that treatment it works and best no side effects for me anyway. Good luck any questions check in with me. Steve
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