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  • I had my transplant April 2016 and have been on Prograf (Tacrolimus) since that time. I have several side effects, as I am sure many others do too. My question is: are there any other immuno suppressants out there that are comparable to Prograf, but may have less side effects? I've read some of your posts on other meds but it seems to me that they all have problems attached to taking them. I have chronic headaches, extreme fatigue and am now getting high blood pressure. I feel sad and depressed that my life feels like it's going no where. Any suggestions?<br/>
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  • Started on12mg Advagraf. Over the last three months this has reduced to 5mg, mainly as I have been suffering from chronic headaches ( migraines ) the headaches have lessened in severity and frequency. I have been told I can take ibuprofen 400mg/Nurofen to ease the pain. Seems to be working.i am off the Prednisolone which is just as well as I have now been told I have diabetes type 2 as a result of taking it. Loss of hair is a problem as well as continuous itching, but after 3 months I am not complaining.
    • Don't take ibuprofen! It's hard on your kidneys! Your Dr. should have told you that.
  • am changing meds going from adoport to advagraf would really need opinions on this thankyou               Bill


  • hi have cut down my adaport [generic taco] to 1 morn. 2 evening my taco level is 4 .2. i think that number is ok.any suggestions.would appreciate 11 months post op thanks bill

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    • Tac 4 is perfect according to my doctor. Take same time every day on an empty stomach just once a day in the morning. They will alter the dosage according to your blood results. It is all about finding the right balance. They also have me on Mycophenolate, an anti viral drug that compliments the Advagraf.
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  • Hi, if anyone wants a free second opinion or wants to talk to a liver transplant surgeon please send me an email and I will connect you with our integrated liver care team in India. My email-
    This is a free second opinion and there is not payment of any kind expected.
    • I will be emailing you a little later on. Thanks, Ali!
  • HI, I just found this part of the site so I am new to the group and thought I would say hi. I was transplanted at the LDS Hospital in October of 1999 so I am coming up on my 18th anniversary. Just wanted to say hi and that life is good. Wishing all good health.

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