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I am the father of a 15 year old girl who had her kidney transplant almost 9 years ago. She has already gone through an acute rejection and now is dealing with chronic rejection. We are actually sitting in the hospital as I write this. I am just looking for a place I can go and share story's with other people/families who are dealing with similar circumstances.

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New Hampshire, USA

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  •  Happy Birthday Andrew ! 

  • It"s Mike Andrew how is Taylor Ive been slow had surgery last month on leg. Don"t know if you new but I am a amputee,but I walk and do good..It"s been raining and I like it. My labs have been good thank god. bee in touch and talk to you soon. Mike

  • He will see things my way in due time, I'd say :)

    You wouldn't imagine how much I miss the cheddar. more than KFC and movies on friday nights :D it's not the best substitute for sex but we do what we can :p

  • Hi Andrew, I am actually the mom of Ambria, who received a liver transplant at MGH in 1995. She was 8 months old at the time. Now 18 years old.

  • Hey Andrew, It"s been in the 70"s here, I am doing wll.I live in Redding Ca,Hows your little girl you tell here to hang on. Do you live in New Hampshshire long ways away..The doc is going to take metal from leg, I shattered my knee 1 year ago falling  all good. Mike

  • I feel so bad your little girl, her problem is my biggest fear.Whats her name and tell her people are preying for her. it has been 17 month for me and my transplant, I feel fine knock on wood .   Mike

  • Andrew,
    His health was and still is great. No high blood pressure or any other issues. He was 55 when the surgery took place. After surgery, his vitamin D levels were low for about two years and his doctor gave him pills for that, a once a month pill. He does notice that he has to pee a little more often... but that could be age related too. His creatinine never got quite back to the normal range... but the doctor felt it was fine for his age and having one kidney.

    Getting in shape to be a potential donor is a good idea if you know you are a match.
    - Kathy
  • Hi Andrew,
    I hope you'll find the site full of support and valuable information. It was enormously helpful as we approached our daughter's transplant 5-1/2 years ago. Beck is 34 years old and received a kidney from her Dad in August 2007 @ UCSF. Both are doing well. Beck was diagnosed with diabetes at age 10. Her kidneys started to fail when her youngest of two children was 4 years old. Dad was the best match in the family and had to lose about 50 lbs before surgery. This took about 7 months. Beck ended up on dialysis for about 3 months before he surgery took place. The advice, experiences, and support I found on Transplant Buddies(now Transplant Friends) was priceless!
    I'll be keeping your family in my thoughts!
    - Kathy
  • This is Mike. how are you.It has  been it:s been .It has been in 70 s. here. My kidney pancreas are doing good.Never felt better. My labs are wonderful .I have 3 rejection drugs, and my surgery  was 17 month. and I have had no insulin, after 25  .Andrew I what was your transplant .I hope it holds up. Mike

  • Thank you but I am hoping to talk with a MGH lung transplant recipient. I am also concerned about the side effects of the drugs.

This reply was deleted.

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