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autoimmune disease

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I am looking for people going through similar experiences, than I did, hoping to find people who can understand the situation. When you are young and were very active it can be hard to accept sometimes....eventhough I am sooo grateful, as this surgery was lifesaving!!!

Which Transplant Center has or will perform your life saving surgery?

St. Vincents University Hospital, Ireland

Share how your transplant experience changed your life?

I do see life with different eyes.... I am more grateful every day, especially because I have two young daughters which I can still be with. On the otherside there are days, where it is hard to accept,....as I had many dreams of becoming self-employed,...and my circumstances now seem not to allow this. My anxiety increased a lot and I wish to find out why!! If it is because of the medication or because of the experience I went through!! Within the first year, I was sick quite often and it is hard for me to accept not to be able to be there for my kids full time! We have a nanny since my surgery who is a lovely warmhearted person....we were very lucky! Still it is hard for me to tell my kids, that I cannot do certain things, because I am not well. But of course....they mean everything to me and I am just greatful, that I can still be with them!!!

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  • Hi Edith, I send you a private message.

  • Hi Edith, Thanks for your comment on my profile. My first year was very difficult. I had many issue. I will give you more details later. I was never sick in my life before. They still do not know what caused my liver to fail completely.

  • Hi Edith, Welcome to transplant friends. I had my liver transplant in April 2015. I am enjoying great health now. I wish you all the best with yours.

This reply was deleted.

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