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December 8, 2004

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The Methodist Hospital Houston Texas

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I am alive

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Tomball, Texas

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  • Hi Wojo
    I am sorry that you received this phone call with such news. I sure hope they can do further less invassive testing before surgery. Ask what you options are. Please update us or me as i will be praying for you.
    Hugs, Rise'
  • Hi Lindy

    What is new?
  • Hi Lindy, nice to meet you!
    My name is Ian and I am still waiting for a Liver Transplant after beig diagnosed with Hepatitis C.
    I live in the north of Enlgand in Lincolnshire howeve,r I was born in Yorkshire and my hometown and where I spent most of my youth is the Medieval town of York.
    I am under the care of St James Hospiatal in Leeds, Yorkshire, which is famous over here for it's great work and is known affectionately as 'Saint Jimmy's'. I can vouch for how good they are however the real test for me is yet to come!
    I look forward to talking with you soon and so from me, a very big 'Wecome'
  • GREAT Picture! Where was this picture taken?
  • Hi Lindy J
    welcome to Transplant Friends
  • To Transplant Friends
    Friends of TransplantBuddies.org

  • Welcome Lindy

    to Transplant Friends :)
This reply was deleted.

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