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 My name is Lynne Robitaille, my daughter Lauren Meizo received her gift of life on Dec. 29, 2013.  During that time I kept a daily journal, which I made into a book

Strength in a Heartbeat, Diary of a Heart Transplant.

You can find it on my website

I created this book to let others know they are not alone, before during and after a transplant.  I hope it will bring some comfort to form you others are living the same way you are.  We need to stick together.

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Much Love Lynne

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Lauren and Mike hit the road yesterday

Lauren and Mike Thibault, after the ride all smiles


Yesterday, Lauren and Mike took to the road on his Harley.  The participated in the Motorcycle Driving Awareness Benefit Ride & Concert for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

They had a great time, riding and meeting people.  I really think Lauren was destin to be a biker baby.  She loves it.  This is her second ride with Mike, they participated in a breast cancer ride a couple of months ago.

Life should be about getting involved and helping whenever you can.  Very proud of these two.

If anyone knows of any events coming up, let me know.  I will post it on my site, plus you never know, these two might just show up.

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Fathers Day....

As we all are busy making plans for a picnic, family gathering, just good food, drinks and laughter, I want to take a minute to think about all the father's that are sitting in the hospital maybe with a PA line in or LVAD.  Or the dads that is spending time in the hospital being with a loved one.  I can relate.  When my daughter was living in the hospital just waiting for her heart, we spent Father's Day in the hospital.  I remember there was this one gentleman waiting for his heart sitting there alone.  He was a father, but was not able to see his family, they lived quite a distance away.  We walked by his room and wish him a Happy Father's Day then invited him to our room to spend some time together.   He was so happy someone recognized that this was his holiday. He declined and said" I am fine, just miss my family".  So if anyone is going to the hospital today take a moment to wish a stranger Happy Father's Day.  Trust me they will appreciate the gesture.


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My name is Lynne Robitaille and I am my daughters caregiver.  She received her heart transplant on Dec.30, 2013.  I have a blog called  If you are a caregiver please check my new post out.  It really helped me

Thank you

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