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found you on a web search

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Share - which illness led up to you needing a transplant?

idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Which Organ(s) did you receive? If you are on the waiting list, please share.

bilateral lung transplant

Drugs, vitamins, favorite foods

too many drugs to list! Love all the wrong stuff

I am Interested in Transplant Friends because...

22 months

Which Transplant Center has or will perform your life saving surgery?

Emory University Hospital Transplant Center

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I'm alive.

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I was transplanted at 71 which is quite unusual. Always been active and am still. Married 51 years with supportive wife

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writing, farming, service organizations - mostly, I like to socialize

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Northern Michigan

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  • Hello Mike, welcome to tx friends, glad you found us and joined. Big congrats on your post tx of 22 months. No problem for your age, you must be in great shape. I was surprised to receive a Kidney at 63. Take care.

  • Welcome Mike to Transplant Friends.com

    You sound like a nice man! Bless your heart!

  • Mike, that is good to hear! I will look forward to seeing your comments.

  • Welcome to Transplant Friends! There are many nice and knowledgeable folks here as I am sure you will find. I think the instance of transplant at a little older age is more common than most folks think. There was a gentleman at one of our local hospitals just transplanted last year and he is over 80. In any case, good luck to you, I thin you will find that this is a pretty special place! :)

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